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Marketing Your Magazine Articles: Inside Secrets of a Successful Freelance Writer
[Posted on: 29 August 2011]
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What’s the one thing every writer must do to be considered a professional? Get their articles published and get paid for it. Last week I reviewed Roy Stevenson’s eBook, “Free and Low Cost Travel: Inside Secrets of a Successful Travel Writer“, about how to enjoy one of the perks of being a professional travel writer. […]

Free and Low Cost Travel: Inside Secrets of a Successful Travel Writer
[Posted on: 22 August 2011]
[Posted in: Book Reviews, Opportunities, Travel Writing Books]

Probably the number one question I hear from new travel writers and bloggers…. …is “How do I get free travel?“ The answer, unsurprisingly, is very similar to that for the old joke “How do you get to Carnegie Hall” (answer: practice, practice, practice!)….in this case it’s “work, work, work”. However, if you’re looking for much […]

Book Review: Travel Writing 2.0

  Rare are my opportunities these days to just sit and read a good book. But when I do have time, you’ll generally find me with my nose buried in something that will help me improve my technical or writing skills, or learn something new about online marketing or promotion, or to stay current with […]

Is Self-Publishing Your Book Right For You?

I am a traveler, and like many people on this site, I write about it. That is to say, I don’t blog about my trips, but instead have written a book, Time Zones, Containers and Three Square Meals a Day, about a few particular journeys I made while working on a container ship. Now that […]

How I Got to Hold My Book With Both Hands
[Posted on: 23 November 2009]
[Posted in: First Person Experience, Guest Blog Posts, Travel Writing Books]

I began to write my story somewhere in Eastern Russia, in the form of a few words thrown together in an email, to some of my favorite ‘sisters’. Those precious girlfriends, those fabulous women, who are the ‘treasure’ of every woman’s life, are the reason that I wrote my story down at all. It was […]

Travel Writing Books Will Strengthen Your Core Skills

Many writers have a library filled with books. Some are fiction and some are non-fiction such as writing books. If you’re a travel writer, you’ll want to fill your library with travel writing books. These books are an investment that will be invaluable to you as a writer. If you make a living as a […]

27 Secrets to Creating Travel Writing Articles Like a Pro

Travel writing articles can add to your cash flow. You may not become Steenie Harvey overnight, but you’ll do all right. You may not receive free meals or travel, but you could. If you’re willing to do the work, you’ll persevere in the world of travel writing. Your fate lies in your hands — no […]

Accelerate Your Travel Writing Success with a Blog

Blog all about it! If you’re a travel writer and do not have a blog, what are you waiting for? Most travel writers have a blog or two! The internet has revolutionized the way people build relationships. A blog will put you in direct contact with readers and potential clients. It’s a win-win situation! How […]

Travel Writer Travels Everywhere to Find the Right Companion
[Posted on: 1 September 2008]
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He traveled day and night looking for that special travel companion for his next adventure. His travels take him all over the internet and throughout the city. He points and clicks to the travel section on which is jammed packed with books. He walks to the local bookstore and finds a travel section overrun […]

Traveling is a Journey, How Will Your Words Describe Yours?
[Posted on: 4 June 2008]
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Travel writers, traveling is a journey, how will you remember yours? Will your words make your readers want more? Write an article that is fresh, crisp, and stimulates the senses of readers. Get your point across, whether it’s a city’s efforts to “go green” or the vastness of the Sahara. Paint a vivid picture of […]



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