27 Secrets to Creating Travel Writing Articles Like a Pro

Updated: Mar 21st, 2010

Travel writing articles can add to your cash flow. You may not become Steenie Harvey overnight, but you’ll do all right. You may not receive free meals or travel, but you could. If you’re willing to do the work, you’ll persevere in the world of travel writing. Your fate lies in your hands — no one else will direct your life for you.

Travel writing articles do not have to be dull, boring, or somber. Give your articles some personality and bring them to life. Engage the reader so he’ll want to read more. Think of your writing from a painter’s perspective. The paper or Word document you use is a blank canvas. Paint a story upon it using colorful words to create a travel article that “jumps off” of the page. Draw the reader into your story and make him a part of it. If you need a visualization, watch A-Ha’s video, “Take on Me” from the 1980s. The girl is literally “sucked into” the story!

It will behoove you to learn all you can about the travel industry. Taking a job within the industry is not a bad idea. This is a great way to supplement your travel writing. With your experience, you could write a guidebook and or eBook.

27 Secrets

Here are 27 secrets to writing your travel writing articles like a professional.

  1. Begin writing
  2. Write about your vacations
  3. Take road trips and write about them
  4. Write about what is in your backyard
  5. Start a blog
  6. Take travel writing courses
  7. Purchase travel writing books
  8. Join forums
  9. Read blogs by different travel writers
  10. Apply for a job with your local newspaper
  11. Contact your local tourism agencies
  12. Go to a hotel and resort in your area and write about it
  13. Critique the nightlife of your city
  14. Write a review of the best restaurants in your town
  15. Do enjoy drinking wine? Write about local vineyards and or wineries
  16. Work for a travel agency and learn about the travel industry
  17. Keep travel articles under 3,000 words
  18. Join a writing group to meet other writers
  19. Interview published travel writers
  20. Join a traveling group
  21. Sign up for a travel writing workshop
  22. Attend a travel writing conference
  23. Use SEO marketing when you write blog posts
  24. Take notes when you travel. Notice smells, colors, and other imagery
  25. Show do not tell the reader about a destination
  26. Use proper grammar and punctuation
  27. Find your voice — do not copy another writer

If you want to write for major publications, your travel writing articles must be up to par. Before you submit an inquiry to an editor, read the publication. What type of stories do they print? How often does the publication come out? What is the style and tone of the publication? Read a few articles before contacting an editor. This will save you a lot of headaches.

It’s not a big deal if your travel writing articles get rejected. Remember, your articles are being rejected and not you. It can “suck” when your articles are not published, but that’s life. If the editor gave you feedback use it to improve your writing. Editors are busy people; you must have some talent if she took time to give you feedback. If you look at it from this perspective, you’ll be able to handle when your articles are not accepted.

Finally, the important thing to remember is to write because you enjoy it. If it’s not fun, then it’s not worth doing. Life is too short to keep doing something over and over again just to have a means to an end. If your looking for an adventure of a lifetime learn all you can about travel writing articles. If you do not mind a few bumps along the way, you’ll do just fine.


What’s stopping you from creating travel writing articles like a pro?

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  1. Good day! I just discovered the website. Been feeling stuck in my head lately :) Thanks for the tips on writing articles. I like points #11 and #16. I wouldn’t mind working in the travel industry. Time for a change on many levels. I wonder, could I be a tour guide in another country? I could take people on tour of the city centre…I’ll sleep on it. Toodles!

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