Press Releases

Another way to get your travel writing published is via a press release. Here’s a good article from about writing a great press release.  It covers headlines, content, and more.  Be sure to consider keywords, too.  You can also go to for more insight and ways to upload your press releases.

Here is an article from Neil Patel on the rules of press releases.  It has some good information on “how to use a press release.” If you have a travel website, a press release would be a good way to get an editor’s attention.

Another article, “How to write a great press release,” also has good information about the benefits of a release. It gives an example of how to promote a “travel website” and leverage.  It’s always nice to have examples that relate to your topic.

Also, you can submit a request to your local tourism authority to include you in their circulation of media releases and newsletters.  Check out the Tourism Review Directories for a global listing of tourism offices. You can do the same with other travel destinations that you frequent or that you know you would like to visit. Not only will you receive an example of a press release, you will have valuable “details” such as events, museums, restaurants, new hotels and resorts, nightlife, and other pertinent information. All of this will give you many ideas for your next travel writing!

Hubspot offers the Ultimate Guide to Press Release Distribution and it’s full of great information on the who, what, when, where and why of press releases.