Travel Publications

Travel publications such as American Heritage, Travel and Leisure, Audubon, and Backpacker Magazine are great places to submit your travel articles. Go ahead and contact these publications to discover the “guidelines” for article submissions.

There are several Travel Magazine directories and Wikipedia has a pretty good list with links and other resources.  Reids Guides offers a listing of newspaper travel sections. Pitch Travel Write by Roy Stevenson offers a resource for travel magazines that you might find helpful.  All of these resources will be helpful as long as you use the tools and do some of your own research on them, too.

Have you ever wondered who writes the travel publications for your state? For example, if you visit the websites of Idaho and Michigan, you will find many publications are available for free.

No matter where you live — your city, state, or country is a tourist destination for someone, somewhere. If you’re interested in writing for your state or country’s tourism department, visit websites that promote tourism in your area. Find a contact name and inquire about travel writing opportunities.