Spend Money To Invest In Your Travel Writing Career

Invest in your travel writing career

Back in 2011, when I started writing automobile museum pieces for a car magazine, I purchased two thick books about classic cars from a second-hand bookstore.

These heavy tomes would, over the years, provide me with valuable background information for my articles. Between them, these books cost $30. Considering that I’ve made $27,600 from my automobile museum series, I’d say this was an excellent return on my investment.

Certainly, for the DIY-ers, there’s plenty of free information about breaking into travel writing floating around on the Internet. But this relentless flood of fragmented data comes at you piecemeal, making it difficult to absorb in a linear and coherent way.

Investing in your own knowledge is money well spent

If you want to rapidly boost your knowledge, catch up on the latest travel writing trends, get enthused and excited, and meet kindred travel writing spirits, you should be attending appropriate travel writing classes and workshops and conferences.

Participating in these events helps you continue to learn, improve, and stay motivated. And, you get to learn from the top travel-writing experts. You’ll find most of these travel writing gurus are happy to talk shop with you at these events because everyone’s got their buzz on.

Likewise, subscribing to appropriate writing publications like Writing Magazine (U.K) and Writer’s Digest (U.S), and buying “how to” books about freelance travel writing is money well spent. And you should subscribe to one or two top travel magazines that resonate with you. They’ll give you quality travel stories written by the top players.

And, as mentioned earlier, don’t hesitate to spend money on resource materials like books, that you’ll use over and over when researching your topics and destinations.

Membership in a reputable travel writing organization is also money well spent provided the organization offers you real substance. Ignore the overhyped vanity “coffee clubs” that just provide a place for sub-standard travel writing wannabes to showcase their clich√© ridden stories. You’re not going to learn anything of value there.

If you really want to fast-track your travel writing career, hiring a successful and proven travel writing coach will rocket you to the front of the line.

These investments pay off in many ways. Do your due diligence, put in your time, and be prepared to spend some money to make more money as a freelancer.

Are you investing in your travel writing future?

Here are six ways to invest in yourself to help earn more with your freelance travel writing business.

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