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List of Article Submission Sites & Article Distribution Lists

The following table contains several hundred article submission sites and article distribution lists. These are ALL the sites I’ve used to achieve my top ranking (for DivineWrite).

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Article Submission Sites
Article Distribution Lists

Article Submission Sites

Article submission sites are websites that act as ‘article banks’. They allow authors of articles to post their articles on the site for free, and they allow webmasters who need content to copy those articles for free (in exchange for a link to the author’s website).


I’ve tried to order the article submission sites by their Alexa ranking, with the most popular at the top. This way, if you don’t get to the bottom of the list, you’ve still managed to submit your article to the most popular article submission sites (giving it more exposure).

SiteHTML Allowed in Byline? (Y/N)Login Required (Y/N)Notes
Ezine ArticlesYYSee their editorial guidelines, but specifically DO NOT USE Paragraph or Break tags. Instead, use normal paragraph breaks in Word. No more than 3 self-serving links.
Go ArticlesYYMax 15,000 characters.
Content DeskYYNA
Article CityNNNA
Article DashboardYYNA
Idea MarketersYYMax 14,000 characters INCLUDING BIO.
Article AlleyYYInterprets Word’s paragraph markers as HTML Paragraph tags so if you have both those and actual Paragraph tags, you’ll get double paragraph spacing. Same network as A1 articles. Articles are automatically published there.
Excellent Guide?NNA
Valuable ContentYN – uses WYSIWYGDo NOT change ‘Start Date’, ‘End Date’, or ‘Article Type’. Do NOT select ‘Don’t Auto Format’ under ‘Headline Summary’.
Home Business Webmaster TipsNNNA
Article OnRampYYNA
InfoPoolYYBe sure to follow their submission guidelines.
SimplySearch4ItYN500 – 8000 words.
Free ContentYNNA
Article HubNNAppend bio to article end.
Ezine FinderNYNA
Business HighlightYYNA
Home HighlightYYNA
LinkSnoopNN350 – 1000 words including bio.
Click-PartnersYYNo smart quotes (i.e. the fancy ones that Word sometimes creates) and don’t use HTML equivalent. Just use text quotes.
Morgan Article ArchiveNNNA
Article AvenueYYNA
Connection Team?NJust list url of the page where your article appears on your website.
Article Blast?YNA
Business Tool ChestNNNA
ArticlesHavenNNYou can only put a link that goes to a top level domain or directory. We do not allow linking to specific pages. This is to prevent link spamming and affiliate linking.
Business CliqueYYNA
Article PointNNNA
What SayNYNA
Money Making ParentsYNNA
Live Articles??NA
The Whir??NA
Marketing Seek??Can format fully or copy & paste from MS Word. You must send a picture with your article.
Free Spirit??NA
SearchImport?YMust include reprint guidelines in order for it to be considered a free reprint article.
The Self Improvement Site??NA
Article Content KingNYNA
Article Sphere??NA
Good Morning Planet Earth?YNA
Article Street?YNA
Articles Beyond Better?YNA
Article Treasure??NA
Article Destination??NA
Article Pro?YNA
Work At Home Business Website?YNA
All Over Essays?N1 on topic link allowed in article
Articles Book?YNA
Qwik Ezine?YNA
Smash ArticlesYNNA
Copy & Paste ArticlesYNNA
Go-See.InfoYYUse the resource box for linking back to your site – Articles submitted will not be approved if they contain links in the body belonging to the author. Please use the resource box to link back to your site. Please limit resource box links to 3 or fewer – Articles containing more than 3 links in the resource box will not be approved. Articles must be spellchecked and proof read for grammatical errors prior to submitting – Do not submit articles filled with spelling errors and bad grammar. We do monitor article submissions and we will reject content that doesn’t meet this requirement.
TNT ArticlesYYNA
Topic PlanetYYQuite detailed guidelines.
My Free Article CentralYYQuite detailed guidelines.
Live Article DirectoryYYNA
ArticlePower.orgYYArticle Title: maximum 150 characters. Article Body: maximum of 15,000 characters or roughly 5,000 words. Author Bio: 400 characters or roughly 60 words. We strongly recommend that authors submitting to copy and paste articles from a basic text editor like Notepad or TextEdit. Following this suggestion will ensure that paragraph breaks, line length and other basic formatting will be properly handled by our submission form. Copying and pasting content from applications like MS Word can and does result in a variety of formatting problems. The reason for this is that MS Word and similar applications use non-ASCII, sometimes invisible, characters that are copied with article content into our submission form, causing articles to appear very differently from the way they were submitted. Keeping the above in mind, it is not necessary for authors to use html tags for specifying font size or to create paragraph and line breaks. Use of HTML should be minimal and we suggest html tags only be used for creating live links to sites, services or products. Our submission process does not automatically create activated links. You must do this.
Smartfinds Article DirectoryYYUse the resource box for linking back to your site – Articles submitted will not be approved if they contain links in the body belonging to the author. Please use the resource box to link back to your site. Please limit resource box links to 3 or fewer – Articles containing more than 3 links in the resource box will not be approved. Articles must be spellchecked and proof read for grammatical errors prior to submitting – Do not submit articles filled with spelling errors and bad grammar. We do monitor article submissions and we will reject content that doesn’t meet this requirement.
Worthy ArticlesYYNo links in the article body are welcome as well. Please use the resource box to link back to your site. Articles containing more than 3 links in the resource box will not be approved.

Article Distribution Lists

Article distribution lists serve a similar function to article submission sites – they just operate differently. Instead of visiting the site and posting your article, you simply email your article to the group, and all members automatically receive it (assuming they’re subscribed to received emails). Most article distribution groups are Yahoo groups.

This list is not ordered by popularity; it is alphabetized.


Each article distribution list / group will have its own conditions and formatting requirements, but this Article Template for Article Distribution Groups will be suitable for most.

IMPORTANT: Before you can email your article to a group, you MUST:

  1. have a Yahoo Group membership (or Google, MSN, Topica, etc.)
  2. be signed in to Yahoo Groups (or Google Groups, etc.)
  3. be a member of the group
  4. in most cases, subscribe to receive the group’s email
Site (Home)TypeEmail articles toNotes
aidphelpYahooClick to emailNA
Allergy-Asthma-InfoYahooClick to emailNA
AllThingsPonderedYahooClick to emailNA
Announce_It_WriteYahooClick to emailNA
AP-ShortsYahooClick to emailNA
Article Announce Writer & Publisher ExchangeYahooClick to emailIn addition do not post more than one article per group per day. If more than one article is posted within a 24-hour period, it will be deleted without notice. Press releases may be posted to the groups only if they are formatted as a press release and follow the submission guidelines.
Article Announce HomeYahooClick to emailNA
Article Announce HealthYahooClick to emailNA
Article Announce BusinessYahooClick to emailNA
Article Announce GeneralYahooClick to emailNA
Article Announce InternetYahooClick to emailNA
Articles4You2Use4PromotionYahooClick to emailNA
Article_Announce_ListYahooClick to emailNA
ArticleAnnouncerYahooClick to emailNA
Article_ArchivesYahooClick to emailNA
Article-DistributionYahooClick to emailNA
ArticleExchangeYahooClick to emailNA
Article-FreeYahooClick to emailNA
Article-GroupYahooClick to emailNA
ArticleSubmissionYahooClick to emailNA
articles-about-promotion-articlesYahooClick to emailNA
articles-concerning-google-adwordsYahooClick to emailNA
Articles-NetworkYahooClick to emailNA
ArticlePublishYahooClick to emailNA
ArticlePublisherYahooClick to emailNA
AstroClubNewslettersYahooClick to emailNA
automotive_contentYahooClick to emailNA
BachAndHandelResearchResourcesYahooClick to emailNA
BizEzyGuideYahooClick to emailNA
bookreviews-fictionYahooClick to emailNA
bookreviews-nonfictionYahooClick to emailNA
BusinessArticlesYahooClick to emailNA
Christian_ArticlesYahooClick to emailPost only the preview and bio incl an email address. Interested editors will then contact you for the entire piece.
Christian_Content_For_ReprintYahooClick to emailNA
computer_tips_4_reprintYahooClick to emailNA
content-4-the-holidaysYahooClick to emailNA
content-about-communitiesYahooClick to emailNA
copywriting_helpYahooClick to emailNA
dating-tips-and-articlesYahooClick to emailNA
diabetic-articlesYahooClick to emailNA
EdipityYahooClick to emailNA
EditorsReviewYahooClick to emailNA
E_A_AYahooClick to emailNA
electronics_articleblasterYahooClick to emailNA
employment-hunting-tipsYahooClick to emailNA
ePubYahooClick to emailNA
ExCHANGE-boardYahooClick to emailWhen you subscribe, you’ll be asked to submit a bio, end-of-article blurb, by-line and a your first article to: Once approved, you will receive further information on how to post your articles directly to the group.
EzineZoneYahooClick to emailNA
family_articlesYahooClick to emailNA
family-by-design-articlesYahooClick to emailNA
filler_contentYahooClick to emailNA
FreeAnnouncements-EbooksYahooClick to emailNA
Free-automotive-articlesYahooClick to emailNA
Free-business-articlesYahooClick to emailNA
Free-ContentYahooClick to emailNA
FreeContentArticlesYahooClick to emailNA
FreeContent4WAHMSYahooClick to emailNA
FreeContentForWAHMSYahooClick to emailNA
Free-dating-articlesYahooClick to emailNA
Free_eContentYahooClick to emailNA
FreeEzineArticlesYahooClick to emailNA
Free-Ezine-ContentYahooClick to emailNA
Free_gardening_articlesYahooClick to emailNA
Free_Health_Articles_for_ReprintYahooClick to emailNA
Free_internet_articlesYahooClick to emailNA
free_medical_business_articlesYahooClick to emailNA
free_parenting_articlesYahooClick to emailNA
Free-Pet-ContentYahooClick to emailNA
free_political_articlesYahooClick to emailNA
Free_real_estate_articlesYahooClick to emailNA
free-reports-and-articles YahooClick to emailNA
Free-Reprint-ArticlesYahooClick to emailNA
Free-Reprint_RecipesYahooClick to emailNA
FreeReprintablesYahooClick to emailNA
Free_Sports_ArticlesYahooClick to emailNA
Free_travel_articlesYahooClick to emailNA
freE-zinecontentYahooClick to emailNA
Freelance_PromotionYahooClick to emailNA
FreeWritesYahooClick to emailNA
freezinecontentYahooClick to emailNA
GH-ContentAnnounceYahooClick to emailNA
Health-And-Wellness-ArticlesYahooClick to emailNA
Health-ArticlesYahooClick to emailNA
Helping-Our-Kids-SucceedYahooClick to emailNA
Historical-Reprint-ContentYahooClick to emailNA
HolidayArticlesYahooClick to emailNA
Home_and_garden_contentYahooClick to emailNA
Home-Improvement-ArticlesYahooClick to emailNA
humor-articles-and-jokes-4-reprintYahooClick to emailNA
internet_marketing_articleblasterYahooClick to emailNA
I_Need_ContentYahooClick to emailNA
Inspiration-ArticlesYahooClick to emailNA
jewelry-reprint-articles YahooClick to emailNA
JustArticlesYahooClick to emailNA
MarketingArticlesYahooClick to emailNA
mba-crm-erp-cio-pm-it-free-articlesYahooClick to emailNA
med-contentYahooClick to emailNA
Nature-ReprintsYahooClick to emailNA
netwrite-publish-announceYahooClick to emailNA
OnlyWritingArticlesYahooClick to emailNA
Parenting-ArticlesYahooClick to emailNA
PNewsletterFreeArticlesYahooClick to emailNA
Political-ThoughtsYahooClick to emailNA
ppcse-reprint-articlesYahooClick to emailNA
PromoteYourArticleYahooClick to emailYou may submit only one article per day. You must be the author of any Article that you post to this list.
PublishYourArticleYahooClick to emailNA
Publisher_NetworkYahooClick to emailNA
pyabusinessYahooClick to emailNA
pyahealthYahooClick to emailNA
QC_Reprint_ArticlesYahooClick to emailNA
ReadMyArticlesYahooClick to emailNA
realty-web-contentYahooClick to emailNA
realworld-advertising-articlesYahooClick to emailNA
Relationship-Advice-ContentYahooClick to emailNA
ReprintArticlesYahooClick to emailNA
ReprintArticles-ParadiseYahooClick to emailNA
ReprintedArticlesYahooClick to emailNA
SelfCareArticlesYahooClick to emailNA
Self-Improvement-Reprint-ArticlesYahooClick to emailNA
SpiderSuccessYahooClick to emailNA
spirituality_article_publisherYahooClick to emailNA
sports-health-medicine-articlesYahooClick to emailNA
stormpay_articlesYahooClick to emailNA
SubmitYourArticleYahooClick to emailNA
The-Article-DepotYahooClick to emailYou may post one (1) article or report per day (until further notice).
the-business-of-medicineYahooClick to emailNA
TheWriteArticlesYahooClick to emailNA
UseMyArticlesYahooClick to emailNA
video-production-articlesYahooClick to emailNA
Webmaster-article-cornerYahooClick to emailNA
WriteAnnounceYahooClick to emailNA
WriteQualityContentYahooClick to emailNA
WritersContentYahooClick to emailNA
1st-Article-GroupGoogleClick to emailNA
ArticleGoogleClick to emailNA
Article-DistributionGoogleClick to emailNA
Content Discussion Group / FreeContentGoogleClick to emailNA
Free-ContentGoogleClick to emailNA
Free Online Reprint ArticlesGoogleClick to emailNA
Free-Reprint-ArticlesGoogleClick to emailNA
Quality ContentGoogleClick to emailNA
Real Estate InformationGoogleClick to emailNA
RelaxationGoogleClick to emailNA
Reprint Articles for Ezines and Websites GoogleClick to emailNA
Free-Reprint-ArticlesMSNClick to emailNA
Free website contentMSNClick to emailNA
The E-Zine Article ExchangeMSNClick to emailNA
Articles OnlySmartGroupsClick to emailNA
Free Reprint ArticlesSmartGroupsClick to emailNA
ArticleReviewTopicaClick to emailNA
Click for ContentTopicaClick to emailNA
Free_ArticlesTopicaClick to emailNA
FreeEzineContentTopicaClick to emailNA
Free-Reprint_ArticlesTopicaClick to emailNA
New_PhantomArticlesTopicaClick to emailNA
Reprint-ArticlesTopicaClick to emailNA
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