Accelerate Your Travel Writing Success with a Blog

Updated: Mar 21st, 2010

Blog all about it! If you’re a travel writer and do not have a blog, what are you waiting for? Most travel writers have a blog or two!

The internet has revolutionized the way people build relationships. A blog will put you in direct contact with readers and potential clients. It’s a win-win situation!

How a Blog Builds Travel Writing Success

  1. Develop personal relationships with readers. You’ll be able to develop relationships with your readers and really “get to know them.” They can give you valuable feedback that you can use to enhance your travel writing.

    Most readers will post comments on your blog. Read them because the insight you can gain will be invaluable. Getting to know readers and potential clients on a deep level will improve your writing. Remember, you’re writing for your readers.

  2. Write a couple ads. If you have an established clientele, you could write a couple of ads for them, which is fast and easy. Your clients can put the ads on their blog sites.
  3. Blog for others. Let’s say you have a client that has “in-house” bloggers in addition to utilizing your blogging services. Most companies have no idea how long it takes to blog and to keep it going. Companies have three choices: 1) let the blog expire, 2) keep utilizing employees who could be working on other projects, or 3) hire a freelancer.

    If they’re going to hire a freelancer, they may as well utilize your blogging services. After all, you already have a relationship with your client, blog for them, and understand their business. It’s another win-win situation!

  4. Self-promotion. This is an obvious one. Your travel writing blog can act as your portfolio. Don’t forget about using SEO. Remember, blogs are “crawled” by search engines after you post new information. Remember, it takes about two or more weeks for a search engine to crawl regular websites.

    Blogs are a great way for clients to find you. Since you update your blog daily, it will be ranked higher in search engines.

    The most important benefit of a blog is that it can be used as your portfolio. In fact, consider creating a page and call it portfolio. This is where you can showcase the eBook you wrote or a travel article you wrote for a magazine.

3 Golden Rules of Blogging

  1. Write in your tone and style. Give your blog some personality, and I’m not talking about the theme. Use your personal voice to breathe life into your blog.

    Think of a blog as a virtual online party. When you go to a party you carefully select your outfit, are polite and respectful, engage in conversation, inquire about the people around you, and listen to them. You want to be interested in others and not be self-absorbed.

    It’s about building trusting relationships (takes time) and getting people interested in wanting to know more about you. Before you know it, people from all over the world will be reading your blog.

  2. Create unique content that will captivate readers. Is your content boring? Is it useful? Readers want to read useful and good information. Don’t waste their time by publishing information that will not be of use to them.
  3. Engage your readers. Ask readers for feedback and comments on your posts. It’s a great way to add more information to your blog.

Travel writers who have yet to join the blogging revolution are missing out! Sign up for a free blog with or There’s nothing to blogging. Just be yourself and create unique content that is useful to readers. Happy blogging!


Do you blog? Are you finding success with your blog?

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  1. I’m a travel writer that started a blog in December–it’s been a great, but challenging, experience. I’m forced to write every day, I’ve found a place for all my crazy ideas, and I’ve learned A LOT about key words, marketing, and what subjects work and which ones don’t and I know I have a lot more to learn!

    I also write with which pays bloggers based on the number of visitors, so that’s a bit of encouragement, too! :) If anyone has questions about this type of writing or this site–let me know!

  2. Thanks for finding us! sounds like Associated Content. Writers get paid based on article views.

    I understand about learning. I’ve learned a lot about SEO, article marketing, social media, etc… Technology changes so fast. What works today, may not work tomorrow!

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