Travel Writing Books Will Strengthen Your Core Skills

Updated: Mar 20th, 2010

Many writers have a library filled with books. Some are fiction and some are non-fiction such as writing books. If you’re a travel writer, you’ll want to fill your library with travel writing books. These books are an investment that will be invaluable to you as a writer.

If you make a living as a writer, you cannot afford not to buy travel writing books. These books are usually written by seasoned travel writers. They already know what to do and what not to do. Also, many of them include valuable writing resources in the back of the book. You’d be foolish not to purchase some travel writing books.

There are many travel writing books to be found on They really are affordable. One book that is invaluable is L. Peat O’Neil’s “See the World, Sell the Story.” Each chapter is packed with great information. There are many references at the end of this book, and it has a high rating on On a personal note, this book has helped me with my travel writing.

Sampling of Travel Writing Books

  1. See The World, Sell The Story
  2. Lonely Planet Guide to Travel Writing
  3. A Sense of Place: Great Travel Writers Talk About Their Craft, Lives, and Inspiration
  4. American Society of Writers and Journalists

Other travel writing books to have in your library are those written by travel writers. For example, in the book “A Sense of Place: Great Travel Writers Talk About Their Craft, Lives, and Inspiration,” you’ll find out a lot about writers such as Bill Bryson, Paul Theroux, and many more. Want to learn more about guidebook gurus Rick Steves and Arthur Frommer? Buy this book and find out what these gentlemen have to say on travel.

Travel writing books cost next to nothing. It’s great to have books on hand if you need an answer to a specific question. You could search the internet, but you can spend a lot of time looking for an answer if you do not know how to properly search the internet.

Whether you’re an experienced or novice travel writer, it’s good to have a couple of travel writing books. They’re also good if you have writer’s block. You never know what you’ll find when you thumb through the pages of a book!


What are your favorite travel writing books?

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  1. I enjoy reading and do what I can to strengthen my writing skills. Thanks for the list of books. I’ll go to my local bookstore and see what they have. I also have L. Peat O’Neils, See the World, Sell the Story. It’s a great book.

  2. I just finished an online travel writing class with L. Peat O’Neil from UCLA extension. She’s not just a good writer, she’s also an excellent teacher.

  3. Keri,

    I didn’t know L. Peat O’Neil taught for UCLA, very cool. I enjoyed her travel writing book “See the World, Sell the Story” very much. Not only is it helpful for travel writer, but it can help “writers” in general.

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