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A Travel Writer’s Dream Kit Come True, Maybe
[Posted on: 6 January 2010]
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Travel fiction can be a refreshing approach to writing about travel. There are many ‘non-fiction’ books on the market and a work of fiction could be a breath of fresh air that a Publisher is looking for. Many travel writers submit a guidebook or a ‘travel tips’ book. Set yourself apart and take a stab […]

Doing Interviews? You Should Be!
[Posted on: 25 November 2009]
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Many travel writers, both beginners and experienced, follow a familiar format. They travel (even if that is to some local destination because their travel niche is where they live), they take notes, they take some photos, they return home, and then they begin writing numerous travel articles and essays on their trip, and submit them […]

Smack Down: Seesmic vs TweetDeck vs Nambu
[Posted on: 16 July 2009]
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Last week I happened to mention on Twitter that I was not thrilled with TweetDeck, as it was unstable and crashed regularly on my Mac, and that I was testing an alternative Twitter Client called Nambu. Nambu is a native Mac application, whereas TweetDeck runs on the Adobe AIR platform. I really love Nambu, but […]

Who Needs a Custom 404 Page? You Do!
[Posted on: 3 July 2009]
[Posted in: Overcoming Obstacles, Technology, Tips & Tricks]

As I read some of my favorite Travel Blogs, one of the things I’ve noticed is that a lot of travel bloggers don’t realize that they can (and should) customize their default “404” page that comes with nearly every WordPress Theme. Worse though, is that some bloggers don’t have a 404 Page at all, either […]

Let The Writer’s Software be Your Writing Companion
[Posted on: 1 July 2009]
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The Writer’s Software Companion is great for travel writers that would like to try their hand at fiction writing, and many do just that, either by taking their travel writing articles and turning them into a novel, or by using travel writing to “pay the bills” while they are writing their novel in their spare […]

Avoid Extinction with Social Media Networking
[Posted on: 26 June 2009]
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Lately I’ve been getting a lot of email from some, well let’s just say “traditional“, travel writers, asking me why everyone is making such a fuss over this “new online social stuff”. They don’t understand it. They think that Twitter is just a way for kids to keep in touch, that Facebook is still just […]

Take A Peek Inside A Media Trip
[Posted on: 25 June 2009]
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A while back I wrote about a Media Trip I went on in April, to the Park Royal Holiday Resort in Cozumel, Mexico, and I followed that up with a list of “Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Media Trips“. Most established writers have been invited – at one time or another, sometimes frequently – […]

Increase Your Audience by Adding Video
[Posted on: 24 June 2009]
[Posted in: Enhance Your Writing, Getting Readers, Guest Blog Posts, Technology]

With all of the travel writing websites out there, it can be difficult to stand out in the Internet Universe. Great writing can certainly help, but how can a person attract more viewers to their blog? Better yet, what can a person do to keep people on their site longer, view more pages and have […]

Eliminate NoFollow to Stimulate Conversation
[Posted on: 19 June 2009]
[Posted in: Overcoming Obstacles, Technology, Tips & Tricks]

Travel writers are you suffering from few — if any — comments on your travel blog? You’re not alone! I’ve noticed this growing trend while reading many of the travel blogs I (try to) regularly keep up on. Anyone who has been blogging for a while is probably familiar with the “nofollow” tag and what […]

Need Help While Traveling? There’s An App For That….
[Posted on: 20 May 2009]
[Posted in: Technology, Tips & Tricks]

I love NPR (National Public Radio) and often listen to many of the programs they air while I’m working — among my favorites is the weekly “All Tech Considered“, which airs on Mondays in place of the usual daily “All Things Considered“…..and yes, it’s true that I am a geek, but the show always presents […]



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