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The Writer’s Software Companion is great for travel writers that would like to try their hand at fiction writing, and many do just that, either by taking their travel writing articles and turning them into a novel, or by using travel writing to “pay the bills” while they are writing their novel in their spare time.

But writing fiction is very different from travel writing, and some writers want to take a class but can’t find the time. The Writer’s Software Companion is a good alternative. It combines mentoring and teaching into one interactive format. You work at your own pace, and select the topics you’d like to work on.

The Writer’s Software Companion is a collaboration of Writer’s Digest fiction columnist Nancy Kress and learning expert Terry Boothman. This multimedia writing learning system can accelerate your learning, bringing your work to publishable quality in no time. If you’re contemplating becoming a novelist, short-story writer, screenwriter, or playwright, this tool will assist you in reaching your goal.

With the help of The Writer’s Software Companion, you’ll publish your book in no time. This particular program was designed to stand alone as a reference. It DOES NOT provide plot skeletons and WILL NOT formulate outlines for you, but it does provide interactive libraries and advice columns to educate writers.

In addition to the primary application, the CD version also includes something called the “Software Dreampack for Writers”, consisting of 57 additional software programs for writers in ten categories, and an enormous list of over 500 clickable web addresses in it’s “Resource Guide”.

In either version (download or CD) the real bonus is the troubleshooter which guides you through any writing jam.

What we like

  • The program is easy to install:
  • It features an extensive number of topics – everything from arranging scene order to choosing a structure for your novel and much more. You’ll complete your novel in a short amount of time and be on your way to the publisher!
  • The program has great referencing abilities with many resources for writers;
  • It’s easy to navigate. A program that is easy to navigate is a godsend. There’s nothing worse than purchasing software that you can’t navigate.
  • They offer a 30-day refund policy if you purchase the software CD and are not happy with it;
  • The price. Ok, some people may think that $79.95 for the download version (CD is $89.95) is TOO much for the software, but it really isn’t considering everything you receive with it.

What we don’t like

  • Technical support is via email. Some people prefer to have tech support via the phone. If you’re not comfortable with email, you may not like this feature.
  • The links to download the Storyline Interactive and The Writer’s Software Companion Demo Version (after entering your email address) do NOT work and instead go to a page that is no longer in service;
  • Does not run native on the Mac – Mac users must use Boot Camp or Parallels running Windows to use Writer’s Companion Software.

If you’d like to have a writing adviser at your fingertips, check out The Writer’s Software Companion. If you’re a travel writer will aspirations of becoming a “fiction writer” then this will help you get there!


What software writing tools have you used? Share your opinion of them!

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  1. ZenTraveler here…it’s been some summer! Just came across this post. This sounds like a great writing software. I like the name “The Writer’s Software Companion.”

    Every writer can use tools to help them with their writing. Travel writing and fiction writing are different. Fiction writing involves plots, scenes and character building. This software seems like it will help you create your novel in a short amount of time. Here’s a tip with characters: you may want to write a short “bio” for each character so you can really get to know them. Screenwriters are known to do this…Good luck!

  2. Very timely review. I had just been speaking with a friend about a mutual friends book. It has gone through it’s first editing and now it seems it needs extensive editing regarding places and facts. This sounds like software that could have done that as he was writing the first draft, is that correct?

  3. Till now i didnt heard of this kind of software which gives advice to our writing, i will write atleast 5 to 10 articles daily, I want to know about the worth of this product whether it corrects grammar/spelling mistakes, what it will do because i have already got one software called whitesmoke which rectifies all the grammatical mistakes and spelling errors.

  4. Just stumbled on this article and I want this software! I write travel blogs and other blogs and have so much info that i wanted to put to use as a book, I think this could help me.
    Glad to see it works on Mac with parallels installed.

  5. Glad you liked the post! Writing software is an investment, make sure you select the one that’s best for you.

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