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Updated: Feb 15th, 2011

If you’ve been following our site for a while you’ll know that we strongly encourage travel writers to make use of Article Marketing as a way to increase traffic to your own site or travel blog (and also to increase your reputation and credibility in your chosen niche), by submitting your articles to at least one, and if possible several, Article Submission websites.

As part of our ongoing effort to review many of these Article Marketing sites, today we’re looking at Articles, which has been in operation since late 2004. offers three basic levels of service:

  • Free article submission to the Article Directory (up to 5 articles daily);
  • Article distribution to other Article Directories for a small fee per article ($2 per article or less if you purchase distribution credits as a “package”);
  • “Platinum” membership at $59.95 monthly, that allows you to submit up to 10 articles daily and waives the distribution fee;

For those unfamiliar with the difference between Article Submission and Article Distribution, here’s an explanation: If you submit an article to an Article Submission site (aka an Article Directory site), then your article may be reprinted on any number of other websites that draw their content from that particular Article Directory, and each reprint carries your Author Byline with a link to your website. Article Distribution sites, on the other hand, take care of submitting your article to multiple Article Directory sites for you, saving you the extra work. For some people the time saved is worth paying a fee for and for others it isn’t — only you can decide if you want to take the time to submit your articles to multiple directories.

If you choose not to purchase article distribution credits, and don’t want to pay for a Platinum account, you can always earn distribution credits by promoting Isnare through their referral program, whereby you earn free distribution credits every time your referred member purchases credits.

What we like

  • It’s free to submit your articles (up to 5 per day);
  • Their referral program can earn you distribution credits;
  • They have a wide variety of categories (increases exposure to your articles);

What we don’t like

  • “Free” level Article Submission can take up to a week to approve before it gets posted to the site (Platinum members get expedited approval);
  • Platinum membership costs $59.95 per month;
  • Article distribution costs $2 for each article, although you can purchase credit packages that lower the cost;
  • Their website is non-intuitive and difficult to use;
  • Inadequate support if an author needs help;
  • They don’t offer tools to enable authors to verify that author attribution and links are kept intact;

With its 5 year history, the fact that it offers both a directory an distribution service, and also gives you the opportunity to earn distribution credits, is a website that we can comfortably recommend to any travel writer looking to build readership.

Article marketing can help you get “eyeballs” to your website and build your reputation. It’s all about the traffic! Of course, you want to be mindful of keywords and phrases. Provide good, unique content and readers will visit your website. It’s kind of like the movie FIELD OF DREAMS, “if you build it, he (they) will come.” Good luck!


Are you taking advantage of Article Marketing? How has it helped your travel blog?

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  1. There are a ton of article submission sites and article directory sites. Thanks for this review. It can get overwhelming when you submit articles. There’s so many sites, it’s like, how do you choose which ones to use? I will definitely visit Isnare. Thanks!

  2. I like the idea of dipping my toes in the water with a free article submission site. However, $2.00 per article for Distribution might be a good investment that I’d be willing to try with some of my articles. Thanks for the review.

  3. I agree that $2 per article is worth it for an article distribution service. Who knows what could happen from one article or two articles on Isnare. I’d give it a try :)

  4. Rick,

    Thanks for stopping by TWE. Anything you can do to promote your business can only help in the long run.

  5. What is the estimated wait time for isnare when using distribution credits? I can’t seem to find anything recent online about this.


  6. I started using ISnare a couple of weeks ago, and I decided to become a Platinum member. I have seen a lot of my articles out there before becoming platinum, and I think it will help me to get some backlinks to my site.

    Wish me luck! :)
    .-= Michelle Tukachinsky´s last blog post: Why I Love To Blog =-.

  7. Good luck! I haven’t done much article marketing lately because I’ve been busy with other endeavors. Thanks for the reminder, I’ll schedule it!

    • Hi Tina – like any service or product, some people will like it and other people will not. Although I too read reviews before I ever purchase anything (or download and install software, even if it’s free), I’m also a big believer in making up my own mind and trying things if they seem right for me, primarily because of my first point – I’m a regular user of a few products and services that others hate, but which I really like.

      I know that doesn’t answer your question well, but my best advice is to try their free service with a few articles, and see how it works for you – if it seems okay, try some more, or consider their $2 per article service.

      And of course don’t forget that there are a lot of article directories, like EzineArticles, that charge nothing – all you need to do is submit articles to a few of them and you’ll start getting some good backlinks going!

  8. I have had an iSnare account since 2005. I bought credits in bulk to get the lower distribution cost per article.
    I find their website counter-intuitive to use and I have vbery few links back to my website. I checked it out and found that websites were taking my article and spinning it, or just deleting the author’s attribution links.
    $2 per article seems very expensive to me for a service that gives writers no support when they are unhappy becasue links have been removed. The distribution is totally automated, so their costs must be very small.

    • Hi Philip

      I agree with you – $2 wouldn’t be bad if they delivered better service and results, but given that they don’t it seems like a waste of money. I also found their website to be difficult to use. But I must say I’m appalled that they don’t do anything about making sure an author’s attribution and links stay intact.

      Because of your experience coupled with other complaints I’ve heard about them, I’m modifying our review to downgrade their rating and add a few more “what we don’t like” items.

      Thanks for offering your feedback!

  9. Thanks for the great article Amanda! It helped get the difference between article submission and article distribution. Appreciate the insite into iSnare too…

  10. I really think you can’t go wrong with this. Google loves fresh content, and when your articles are distributed, your more than likely get a bunch of backlinks.

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