Article Marketing

Article marketing is an effective method to drive traffic to your website. Once you understand how to utilize article marketing, you should see an increase in your website visitor statistics.

Article Marketing is something that the most successful online marketers do each day to drive traffic to their website, and while daily submissions aren’t necessary, you should set a goal to submit at least 1 or more articles per week.

It will take time for your article marketing campaign to take-off, so don’t become discouraged if you don’t immediately see a surge in website traffic. It takes perseverance, time, and effort to be successful at article marketing.

The most popular article marketing directories are Ezine Articles, ArticleBiz, and ArticleCity. However, there are many article directories on the internet – be sure to check this list of Article Marketing Submission Sites and Article Distribution Lists.

Reasons to pursue Article Marketing:

  • Your articles get exposed to hundreds of websites and thousands of new readers.
  • You’ll gain traffic to your website.
  • You may become an authority in your niche.
  • You can increase your cash flow if you sell travel or travel-related products/services on your website.

Tips for Successful Article Marketing:

  • Each article directory has its own rules and regulations — be sure that you read and understand them to avoid time-consuming rejections.
  • You must re-write your articles that you post in article directories so that they are unique. Strive for 50% difference between your original blog articles and the articles that you submit.
  • Don’t paste from Microsoft Word because Word injects hidden HTML “coding” which will wreak havoc on the article marketing site.
    Use Notepad instead because it uses strictly plain text which will not cause problems.
  • Some article directories accept affiliate links and some do not – check before you submit.
  • There’s a limit on the number of non-serving and self-serving links you can have in an article.

If you choose to use an Article Marketing Service company (which submits your articles for you, often to multiple sites), it can be expensive but worth considering if your time is more limited than your marketing budget.

Finally, if you’re new to article marketing, don’t submit your articles to every single article marketing site on the internet. Test a few sites first and become comfortable with the article marketing process. Once you’re comfortable with the process, go back and submit to other sites.

Good luck with your article marketing!