Grow Your Travel Writing Career with These Tips

Updated: Mar 21st, 2010

Are you a “newbie” travel writer? Maybe you’ve been writing for quite some time and have some success but nothing spectacular. The key to growing your travel writing is to write what you know. Are you passionate about environment and conservation? You could start writing about eco-tourism. In fact, take an “eco-vacation” and write about it. Perhaps you love RV travel. You could give people “tips and tricks of RV travel.” Write what you know and establish yourself as an authority on the subject.

Being an “expert” in a niche area of travel is the best way to break into travel writing if you’re a newbie travel writer. You probably have a blog so start blogging about your trips to the best beaches in the world! You’ve probably traveled to Mexico and the Caribbean, so start writing about it. People constantly look for information regarding the best travel destinations. You’ll be known as the authority of “where to go for the best beach vacation.”

Tips and Tricks

  1. Write what you know. If you like staying in 5-star hotels and resorts, write about it. If you enjoy all-inclusive hotels and resorts, write about it. Write about what is in your own backyard. People from other states and countries will visit your area. The bottom line is to write what you already know. Have you ever heard of the expression, “do not reinvent the wheel?” It’s good advice.
  2. Write what you have passion for. Are you passionate about rain forests conservation? Do you love a good adventure? If you have a passion for something, nurture and write about it.
  3. Write from the heart. People can tell if a writer is authentic or not. They can tell if a writer puts his “heart and soul” into a piece. In fact, some believe that the soul is everlasting. That’s a good thing because markets can be fickle. Luckily, you’re a travel writer and people are not about to give up their travel!
  4. Write what you don’t know. Even if you’re not an expert in a particular “niche” market, research an area and write about it. You may surprise yourself. Who knows, you could find a job as a researcher for a travel organization.
  5. Proofread your work many times. Proofing your work is a must! We all make mistakes but it’s best to correct them before they go into print. Ask someone else to proofread your work. An extra pair of eyes is very useful.
  6. Use proper grammar and punctuation. Travel writing is not a free pass to “toss out” all of the rules of writing. Yes, travel writing is fun, but it’s still writing.
  7. Determination is necessary. Do you really want to be a travel writer? If you’re determined and work at your dream, you’ll see it to fruition. You must do what you can to be a success. This includes writing each day and taking a travel writing course or two.
  8. Seek constructive feedback. We can all use feedback on our work. As long as the feedback is constructive, it can help you to be a better writer. If someone tells you that they do not like your work without giving you any explanation, thank them and find someone else who is qualified to give you feedback. Do not waste your time with people who are not going to be helpful.
  9. Apply for jobs other than travel writing. This may seem odd to some people, but it can help you to grow your travel writing career. If you’re able to prove that you can write on any topic, you’ll land travel writing opportunities in no time. Remember, travel writing includes writing for newspapers and magazines. Sometimes these articles have a deeper tone versus a blog on the “best places for fishing.”
  10. Pickup a couple of travel writing books. Visit our Top 10 Travel Writing Books for a list of travel writing books.

These are some ways you can grow your travel writing career. The most important thing to do is to write! Don’t forget about getting a travel job within the travel industry because it could help you launch your travel writing career. You’d probably make a great travel agent!


Did you find these tips helpful? What do you do to improve your travel writing?

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