Travel Writers Use These Guidelines to Freelancing

Updated: Mar 23rd, 2010

Travel writers love their job and many people would like to transition into freelance writing. Before you leave the “corporate world” for travel writing, here are some questions to consider. Will you be a full-time or part-time travel writer? How will you self-promote? Do you know what your domain name will be? There are many things to consider before beginning a freelance travel writing career. The following guidelines can help you decide what is best for you.


  1. Make a decision. Will you be a full-time or part-time travel writer?
  2. SWOT. This stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It’s an “old” marketing term used in businesses. It can be applied to freelancing. List your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It will help you to decide if you’re ready to begin a career as a travel writer.
  3. Goals and Milestones. Goal setting and milestones can help you go far. Write down a goal your would like to accomplish and when you will complete it. When you reach a milestone, reward yourself. Perhaps you’ll take a road trip or check out the new spa that just opened in your area. Don’t forget to write about your experiences!
  4. Ask questions and get advice. Peruse blogs and forums and ask questions before becoming a travel writer. This is where the “know-before-you-go” technique will come in handy. Get all of the facts and then look for writing opportunities. “Test the waters” to make sure travel writing is the right path for you.
  5. Marketing shopping list. What will you need to promote yourself? A blog, business cards, flyers, postcards, domain name registration, and web hosting (if you do affiliate marketing). Visit 1&1 Web Internet Web Hosting and Don’t pay too much for your domain names! Free private registration, email and starter website builder included at low, low prices.

    These are some examples of costs to consider.
  6. What’s your name? If you purchase a domain name, you’ll want something that is easy to remember and catchy. Of course, you could always use your name.
  7. Know your rights. Writers have rights! Many issues arise due to copy righting. Know your rights as a writer before you submit a travel article to a magazine or newspaper.
  8. Help! If you become a successful freelancer, you may need some help with your writing. Find good writers and treat them fairly. Do you remember how you started out? Keep that in mind when you look for writers.

These are some techniques for you to consider when it comes to freelancing. It all depends on what you plans and goals are. Would you like to be a full-time or part-time travel writer? Is travel writing just for fun? Ask yourself questions before you “dive” into travel writing.

Learn as much as you can about travel and writing. Like other careers, freelancing has it’s ups and downs. Read travel writing books that will help you hone your skills. Join forums and ask as many questions as you can!


Are you a freelance travel writer? How did you begin your travel writing journey?

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    This is the first I’ve heard anything negative about 1 and 1. I did not know they have a law suit going.

    It comes down to buyer beware and do your homework before you purchase service from a web hosting company for one year…

  2. Great post. Freelancing can be tricky. Networking can take you far that’s why I do my best to find and join writing groups and other groups. You never know who you’ll meet. One thing could LEAD to another. I’ve met some cool people. I agree that you need to know your writer’s rights. I like to get things in writing. Just a suggestion!

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