The Ultimate Resource Guide for Travel Writers

Updated: Mar 28th, 2010

Travel writers, the search is over for the the ultimate resource guide especially for you! Hooray! At your fingertips is a “quick” reference to networking, job opportunities, books, blogs, and more! Make room because this post is “jammed packed.” Buckle up! Get ready! You are about to take a very “resourceful” trip!

Network and Opportunities

  1. Offers a “network of travel writers, editors and members of the public relations community.”
  2. Connecting…Solo Travel Network. This not-for-profit, international organization of individuals is “interested in sharing going-solo tips, news about single-friendly trips, and in promoting hospitality and good will among solo travelers everywhere.”
  3. Journey Woman. A fabulous travel resource for women. The website’s goal is to “inspire females to travel safely and well and to connect women travelers worldwide.”
  4. Bonus!: Visit our Top 10 Travel Writing Jobs section and start writing today!

  5. Transitions Abroad. “This site aims to provide information and opinions from a variety of angles, with no chirpy promises about how you’ll travel around the world for free, and no sugar-coated advice followed by lots of exclamation points.”

Blog It!

  1. Written Road. A lively, resourceful blog from “award-winning travel writer and editor Jen Leo.” Read about Jen’s “experiences in the publishing industry and provides a daily scoop on travel writing as she makes her way as an editor, writer, and traveling socialite.”
  2. Bootsn All. Pick a blog, start reading and connection with others around the world! Also a great way to stay in touch with family and friends if you are on the road. Happy Blogging!

Major Magazines

  1. Writers Market. A great tool for writers on “where and how to sell what you write.” Writers Market charges a subscription fee, but you can sign up for their FREE newsletter full of advice and tips!
  2. Travel and Leisure. The ultimate travel resource. Discover top destinations, best cruises, and article submission guidelines.
  3. Book Worms!: Visit our Top 10 Travel Writing Books section to find your guide today!

  4. Trips and Journeys. A bi-monthly online magazine; over 90% is freelance written! You will find entertaining and informative travel articles.
  5. Escape Artist. Offers four magazines. Yes! They want your articles! Pick the magazine that best suits you and submit your article.

Say Cheese!

  1. PhotoSecrets. Shh! It’s a secret! Your link to stock photography and tips on how to sell your photos as stock photography.
  2. Capture It!: Visit our Top 10 Photography Tips and find out how photography can enhance your travel articles!

  3. PhotoGraphic Libraries. A “unique resource that provides a broad range of visual solutions to enhance the creative process.”

Off for the weekend,
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  1. Thanks for the resource it’s excellent especially since this is all new to me but I have written articles about travel for a long time just didn’t realize I could monetize the articles wow!

  2. Hi Terri,

    Yes, you can monetize your travel writing. Check out the “Monetize Your Writing” page and our forum for more information.

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