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FTC Blogger Disclosure Guidelines, Part Deux
[Posted on: 16 December 2009]
[Posted in: General News & Info, Interviews, Podcasts]

If you’re in the Portland Oregon area and listen to KPAM Radio on the weekends, then you may have heard a short interview I did with Pat Boyle. Pat is one of KPAM’s weekday morning anchors who also hosts The Azumano Travel Show, which airs on Saturday mornings with an encore on Sunday mornings. If […]

FTC Site Compliance – Blogger Disclosure Guidelines
[Posted on: 11 November 2009]
[Posted in: General News & Info]

There’s a lot of talk in the blogosphere about the new FTC guidelines that are scheduled to go into effect on December 1st, 2009, and if my email is any indication, some confusion as well. The new FTC guidelines are a revised set of rules established by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) that basically govern […]

Joel Comm – FTC Site Compliance Webinar
[Posted on: 9 November 2009]
[Posted in: General News & Info]

Hey everyone – just listened to Joel Comm’s FTC Site Compliance webinar on how tough the FTC is going to be on websites as of December 1st, 2009. It was interesting – the first twenty minutes were info, and the last 40 minutes was devoted to Joel’s and his attorney Kevin Houchin selling site compliance […]



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