Suzy: Week 22 – The Interview

Travel Writers Case Study - the interview with Suzy

If you’re wondering what this Case Study is all about, please read the introductory post from Week One.

You can browse through all the older installments here.


I promised you a video interview.


And dagnabbit I’m gonna’ give you folks a video interview, even if it’s not oscar-worthy.


At the last minute my camera operator/videographer could not go with me to interview “Suzy”, so I had to take a crash course in using the video cameras at my disposal.

Unfortunately I had one of them on the wrong frame-rate and sound level, so the quality suffered and made editing more challenging than usual, but such is life.

It’s clear to me after all the hours I’ve spent on piecing this together that I really need to sign up for the New York Video School training classes that I’m giving away – it’s a pity that I’m exempt from winning it myself. And in case you’re wondering, NO, that’s not a plug for the school, since I’m not earning anything from anyone who signs up, it’s just that I realize now that my own skills at this are decidedly lacking. I’m hoping they’ll have a class on how to look less tired on camera.

BUT as promised, here it is!

First, I want to take a moment to extend my sincere thanks to the wonderful folks at the Kay El Bar Ranch for hosting “Suzy” and I so that we could combine a nice horseback riding vacation with our interview. And a big thank you also to the Wickenburg Arizona Chamber of Commerce for helping us pull the trip together. We had a terrific time!

And of course, I want to thank “Suzy” for being such a terrific guinea pig…..oops, um, I mean ‘Case Study participant’ – I’m sure there were times when she wanted to quit, but she didn’t and I’m pretty sure she’s happy now that she stuck it out.

Wow – this IS starting to sound a little like an Oscar speech, isn’t it?



I’ve been getting a lot of email asking about the Case Study and the Flow Chart I developed for Suzy to follow…..and yes, it will be given (free) to everyone on my subscriber list.

Before I do that I need to spend a few weeks revising it to reflect what we learned through this process – I found that while much of it worked out well, a few things turned out to be more challenging than I anticipated, and also what worked a year ago with Google and other search engines has changed, so some of the Flow Chart needs updating.

When it’s ready to go I’ll send an email to all of my subscribers with a link for downloading it.


Did you find this Case Study series useful? Tell me what worked (or didn’t) for you!

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  1. Nice job Trisha! Congrats to Nancy for having the courage to be the “case study” for this great project!

  2. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, this has been a great series! Very informative and educational. If you ever need another guinea pig, well, I’m available.

    • Thank you Cheryl! I appreciate your kind words and your offer to participate in another case study. It was very time/labor intensive, and I need a break to focus on some other things I’ve left on the back burner for a while, but I’ll keep it in mind!

    • It was a great deal of fun for me to work with you….I have a lot of respect for the fact that you were very open to learning new things, however intimidating some of it may have been, and proved to be an excellent student of SEO (as evidenced by your impressive Google rankings for some nice keywords!). And I really enjoyed getting to know you along the way as well!

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