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Social Media Do’s and Don’ts
[Posted on: 10 July 2009]
[Posted in: Overcoming Obstacles, Tips & Tricks]

Everyone knows by now that Social Media has taken the business world by storm. It seems like it’s all anyone is talking about online these days. Online communities such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and others that started out as a way for people to keep in touch with family and friends have morphed into valuable […]

Become a Powerful Writer with Power Writer
[Posted on: 8 July 2009]
[Posted in: Enhance Your Writing, Reviews, Writer's Resources]

Power Writer is an excellent writing tool for any writer. If you’re working on a travel fiction or non-fiction novel, this software can help you craft a compelling story in no time. Every writer can use an arsenal of writing tools. Make sure that Power Writer is part of yours! Power Writer has three main […]

Travel Writers Use Ezine Finder to Get Readers
[Posted on: 6 July 2009]
[Posted in: Getting Readers, Reviews, Writer's Resources]

Based on some of the email we’ve received lately there seems to be some confusion between and These are two distinctly different websites with very different functions., which is the focus of today’s review, is primarily a directory of ezines, also known as e-newsletters or online magazines. is strictly an article […]

Who Needs a Custom 404 Page? You Do!
[Posted on: 3 July 2009]
[Posted in: Overcoming Obstacles, Technology, Tips & Tricks]

As I read some of my favorite Travel Blogs, one of the things I’ve noticed is that a lot of travel bloggers don’t realize that they can (and should) customize their default “404” page that comes with nearly every WordPress Theme. Worse though, is that some bloggers don’t have a 404 Page at all, either […]

Let The Writer’s Software be Your Writing Companion
[Posted on: 1 July 2009]
[Posted in: Enhance Your Writing, Reviews, Writer's Resources]

The Writer’s Software Companion is great for travel writers that would like to try their hand at fiction writing, and many do just that, either by taking their travel writing articles and turning them into a novel, or by using travel writing to “pay the bills” while they are writing their novel in their spare […]



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