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Updated: Mar 11th, 2010

Based on some of the email we’ve received lately there seems to be some confusion between and These are two distinctly different websites with very different functions., which is the focus of today’s review, is primarily a directory of ezines, also known as e-newsletters or online magazines. is strictly an article submission site that provides content to other websites.

Did you know that is one of the oldest Ezine Directories online? They’ve been around since 1998! The best part is they are a FREE Ezine Directory. In return for listing your newsletter or ezine with them, all they ask for is that you mention them in your newsletter at least four times per year. Ezine directories are popular because they provide a safe way for readers to find Ezines and newletters without being spammed every day.

In addition, has recently added Article Submission, giving you another outlet to market your travel writing articles.

Ezine Finder Benefits

  • A listing in their article directory. This is a major benefit. The more “eyeballs” that see your work the better. Having a prominent link to your website shown on EzineFinder can increase traffic to your website;
  • Ezine Finder provides a “quick subscription” form. Visitors to the site subscribe to your Ezine either by having subscribers sent to you or to an automatic subscription address;
  • Readers can come back and vote for your Ezine. This is a fabulous way to increase your ranking in searches. It can help you to get on the Top Rated list on Ezine Finder;
  • Editing can be done 24-hours a day. To edit, log into your account and start making the necessary changes;
  • Readers can recommend your Ezine others from the website. There’s no better advertisement than word-of-mouth. The more people that recommend you, the better.

Ezine Finder Requirements

  • You MUST publish unique content. Many article directories require you to do this anyway. You’re not allowed to post opt-in advertising or spam mailing lists.
  • No ADULT EZINES are allowed on Ezine Finder. Keep it clean!
  • Do not sell, trade, or use email addresses! The purpose of Ezine Finder is to gain subscriptions to your Ezine.
  • You MUST have unsubscription (opt-out) information in each issue of your ezine. Readers must be given the option to unsubscribe.

What we like

  • Ezine Finder is free. All you do is create an account, and submit your newsletter or ezine (and now you can submit articles as well)….that’s it;
  • Signing up with Ezine Finder is a great way to drive traffic to your site. You receive a prominent link to your website.

What we don’t like

  • The website could be streamlined. Ezine Finder seems to be a “busy” website from a user viewpoint. It would help if they had an About page so the user has a clear understanding of who they are and what they provide;
  • A “Featured Listing” is a paid upgrade. How much does it cost? Good question. They don’t provide this information. You’ll have to contact them to find out.

EzineFinder can help you gain readers. It’s a free article directory and it’s easy to use. Take advantage of this and start posting your ezines today and watch your readership steadily grow!


How do you promote your newsletter or ezine?

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  1. Thanks for more great information, I am going to look into Ezine Finder today. I have so much to do, only recently started submitting to Ezine

  2. Didn’t realize there was anything like Ezine Finder on the internet. I’ll be checking this one out as well. It would be cool to be in the “top” Ezine voted by the readers.

  3. I’ve just spent 30 minutes checking this out and it looks quite interesting. I’m certainly going to investigate it further. As usual, thank you for this valuable information.

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