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Isnare Article Submission and Distribution
[Posted on: 29 June 2009]
[Posted in: Getting Readers, Opportunities, Reviews]

If you’ve been following our site for a while you’ll know that we strongly encourage travel writers to make use of Article Marketing as a way to increase traffic to your own site or travel blog (and also to increase your reputation and credibility in your chosen niche), by submitting your articles to at least […]

Avoid Extinction with Social Media Networking
[Posted on: 26 June 2009]
[Posted in: Getting Readers, Opportunities, Technology]

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of email from some, well let’s just say “traditional“, travel writers, asking me why everyone is making such a fuss over this “new online social stuff”. They don’t understand it. They think that Twitter is just a way for kids to keep in touch, that Facebook is still just […]

Take A Peek Inside A Media Trip
[Posted on: 25 June 2009]
[Posted in: Enhance Your Writing, Technology, Tips & Tricks]
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A while back I wrote about a Media Trip I went on in April, to the Park Royal Holiday Resort in Cozumel, Mexico, and I followed that up with a list of “Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Media Trips“. Most established writers have been invited – at one time or another, sometimes frequently – […]

Increase Your Audience by Adding Video
[Posted on: 24 June 2009]
[Posted in: Enhance Your Writing, Getting Readers, Guest Blog Posts, Technology]

With all of the travel writing websites out there, it can be difficult to stand out in the Internet Universe. Great writing can certainly help, but how can a person attract more viewers to their blog? Better yet, what can a person do to keep people on their site longer, view more pages and have […]

Unblock Writer’s Block with Writer’s Blocks 3
[Posted on: 22 June 2009]
[Posted in: Overcoming Obstacles, Reviews, Tips & Tricks]

If you ever experienced writer’s block, you know how frustrating it can be. While no application can guarantee that you’ll find inspiration and recapture creativity, one application, Writer’s Blocks 3, does claim to help you work through writers block by saving you time, making you more productive, and enhancing your creativity! Writer’s Blocks 3 works […]

Eliminate NoFollow to Stimulate Conversation
[Posted on: 19 June 2009]
[Posted in: Overcoming Obstacles, Technology, Tips & Tricks]

Travel writers are you suffering from few — if any — comments on your travel blog? You’re not alone! I’ve noticed this growing trend while reading many of the travel blogs I (try to) regularly keep up on. Anyone who has been blogging for a while is probably familiar with the “nofollow” tag and what […]

Turn Your Travel Writing Hobby Into a Career
[Posted on: 17 June 2009]
[Posted in: Getting Started, Opportunities, Tips & Tricks]

There are tons of websites where people can post photos and comments about their latest trip, for the intended audience of family and friends, and plenty of people who write reviews of destinations for sites like TripAdvisor or Yahoo Travel, and even quite a large number of people who blog about travel as a part-time […]

Are You a Travel Snob? Take the Test…
[Posted on: 15 June 2009]
[Posted in: Overcoming Obstacles]

Some travelers — and even some travel writers — have a tendency to be rather ‘snobby’ about travel. Perhaps they don’t mean to be so arrogant, but they are. This can rub other travelers, and locals, the wrong way. Basically there are two types of Travel Snobs: The first type are those who constantly compare […]

Boost Your Site Traffic With GoArticles
[Posted on: 12 June 2009]
[Posted in: Getting Readers, Reviews]

GoArticles is a popular article marketing site. You can create a FREE account and start submitting your travel writing articles immediately. This is a nice and CLEAN website. It’s very easy to navigate. The best part is that they give you a few “extras” such as Blog-Search. This will cut down on your search time […]

Do You DIGG Your Travel Articles?
[Posted on: 10 June 2009]
[Posted in: Technology, Tips & Tricks]

Digg is a popular social media site that provides a place for people to vote on websites, blog posts, and articles that Digg members find on the internet. Members submit links to pages after which other members “vote” the links up (approval) or down (disapproval), with the goal being to achieve a high ranking, which […]



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