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Joe Rosendo, host of Travelscope travel show

Mention the words “travel shows” and most people think of the Travel Channel. What you may not realize is that there are some terrific travel shows on other channels, for example, PBS!

PBS is a great resource for all sorts of interesting and in-depth information. It’s also a great resource for travel shows. For those who don’t have cable TV or the internet, you can find great travel shows such as Travelscope with Joseph Rosendo, which airs on many PBS stations.

Not your typical “Travel Channel”-type travel show, you won’t find Joe prattling on about “sexy beaches” or intentionally putting himself into “extreme” danger, but what you will find is a thoughful, educational, in-depth look at travel destinations.

Created more than twenty years ago by travel journalist and broadcaster Joseph Rosendo, TRAVELSCOPE® is a multi-media organization dedicated to educating travelers about destinations, values and opportunities. […]…and provides them with the information they need to make their travel dreams a reality. Distributed nationally by American Public Television to the public television system, Travelscope reaches more than 250 million viewers.

What really makes Travelscope a great travel show is that it will cause you to stop and think that you have a lot to be grateful for in your life, even if things aren’t going so great.

I’ve traveled to Alberta, Canada, parts of the UK, and Thailand (Bangkok and the River Kwai). Joe’s Thailand episode was very poignant because he took a deeper look at the River Kwai. Many people are unaware of the number of World War II POW’s who died building The Bridge on The River Kwai. (I recommend watching the movie with William Holden and Sir Alec Guinness. That’s the same Sir Alex Guinness famous for his role as Obi-Wan’ Kenobi in the Star Wars movies.)

In addition to their travel show, Travelscope has a blog so you can keep up with Joe as he travels the world, and numerous podcasts on a variety of destinations such as San Antonio, Texas, Greece, Malaysia, and many others. You can be transported around the world in a matter of minutes!

Joe has a full schedule for 2010. He’ll be traveling to one of my favorite places, Scotland. He’ll be there for the “Gathering near Edinburgh when more than 8,000 clansman from around the world come together for Highland Games and pipe bands. Joseph then visits a whiskey distillery, Glasgow and Inverary Castle to join in the Games with the Duke of Argyle.”

If you’re looking for a new – and interesting – travel show to watch, check your local PBS station for Travelscope. You can also find a listing on Travelscope’s website. With more than 28 years under his belt as a travel, food, and wine journalist, Joe will be a delightful guide for you, family, and friends.


What are your favorite Travel Shows?

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  1. I do enjoy watching PBS. I usually watch Rick Steves. I didn’t know about Travelscope. I’ll check my local listing. Thanks for the information.

  2. I saw travelscope with Joe Rosendo for the first time today ( WNPT, Nashville). It covered various socio-economic aspects of the Austrian wine country near Vienna and the Danube River valley. It was really enjoyable and captured the flavor of the area and educated me on the existence and extent of the Austrian wine industry. I honestly did not know that Austria had such an extensive wine area and industry! Well, learn something new everyday. A different and more laid back approach tha Rick Steves. I want to travel here myself.

  3. Hi Gary – thanks for stopping by! Actually I agree with you, what I really like about Joe’s show is that I always learn something, and he appeals to like-minded people – those who are interested in traveling the way that he does. While I won’t knock Rick Steves, because he certainly does have a loyal audience, his show seems more geared for the masses – a broader approach that doesn’t always hit my target of what I want to know. So count me on ‘Team Joe’!
    .-= Trisha´s last blog post: Q-A- How To Encourage Social Media Sharing =-.

  4. I watched Joe’s New Delhi India episode yesterday. He spent time with the locals and immersed himself in the culture. Joe found a temple where they allow cameras so he and his crew were able to film while Joe was praying with the spiritual leaders. It was very moving.

    I also watched Rick Steves as well. He had two episodes yesterday where he traveled to Italy (Tuscany and The Hills of Italy). I learned that you can visit a restoration center (by appointment) where they restore paintings. It was interesting. He’s coming to Arizona in October.

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