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Updated: Mar 11th, 2010

Choosing a web hosting service can be a daunting task, especially if you’re new to websites and hosting services. The WHIR can take the “bite” out of finding a web hosting company. Web Host Industry Review (WHIR) touts themselves to as the “the largest news organization and consumer resource dedicated to the web hosting industry, publishing since 2000.”

WHIR consists of the following:

  • The Started in 2000, provides readers with industry news, feature coverage and expert opinion and analysis. In addition to comprehensive resources for consumers, resellers, and web host industry executives.
  • The WHIR Magazine. Since 2003, Web Host Industry Review Magazine has made their presence known to the industry’s business community. They present powerful and exciting opportunities for advertisers.
  • WHIR TV. WHIR TV began in 2004 and offers engaging and unique perspectives on on the ever evolving web hosting industry. WHIR TV features the latest industry interviews and events. They include comment and opinion from influential people in the web hosting industry.
  • WHIR Events. Offers people interested in the web hosting industry the opportunity to meet face-to-face and network with executives, solution providers, and corporate decision makers in relaxed environment — complimentary drinks and appetizers are included! The goal of WHIR Events is to provide a local venue so people can do business, connect with others, and learn about the exciting web hosting industry.

If you’re considering moving away from free blog hosting platforms like or to a self-hosted blog (and there are many benefits of doing so), then you need a web hosting company. WordPress provides you with a list of suggested web hosting services, however, the information can be overwhelming if you’re a newbie.

It’s important to do some research first, and you’ll want to compare not only features and prices, but also take into account the opinions of real users. If a web hosting company has only negative reviews, then you should stay away from that one! But keep in mind that often people don’t write reviews if they are happy, but they sure do if they are unhappy. For example, a lot of people complain about 1&1 Hosting, but TWE has been on 1&1 since it was founded, and Trisha has used them for many years, with only positive things to say about them. How to navigate all the choices and decide? That’s where WHIR comes in. WHIR can assist you with choosing the RIGHT web host for you!

What we like

  • WHIR has a blog. You can find a ton of information about web hosting services on this blog. If you’re undecided about web hosting companies, take a look at the blog. The answers that you seek may lie withing WHIR’s blog;
  • The provides you with WHIR TV, The WHIR Magazine, and WHIR Events. It’s a great resource for all of your web hosting needs.

What we don’t like

  • The WHIR is kind of a busy website. There’s a lot going on here! Don’t get too overwhelmed. Just take it one click at a time!
  • Back issues of WHIR Magazine go back to 2004. This is fine, except technology changes at a very rapid pace. What may have been pertinent back in 2004 may not apply today.

The WHIR is a phenomenal website! It’s packed with a ton of information on web hosting. Sign up for their newsletters and you’ll receive a wealth of information that will keep you informed about the web hosting industry. If you’re in the market for a new web host, WHIR can connect you to your new service. They take the stress and frustration out of finding a web host. The WHIR will educate you about web hosting in no time!


How is your web hosting service?

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  1. Just read this blog post, thanks for the information. Didn’t realize that there would be sites dedicated to web hosting. There are many web hosts out there, picking one can be overwhelming. I’m definitely checking out this site. Thanks for review!

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