Add Drama to Your Travel Story with Dramatica Pro


Travel writers, do you have a travel story in mind that you’ve always wanted to turn into a novel? If so, then Dramatica Pro is a program that can be your “creative writing partner”.

Dramatica Pro is the only Story Development software to receive a 4 Star rating from Writers Digest Magazine, and when you dig in it’s easy to see why. It starts out by asking you numerous questions about your story elements, and helps you to solve plot and character problems. This is where many people have difficulty and is why their stories don’t become good enough to sell. The Story Guide assists you from the initial idea through the narrative treatment. You’ll be inspired and supported along the way.

In addition it’s fairly easy to use – you can learn to use the program within a reasonable amount of time, and start with the Plot Outline feature to create a solid first draft and get those creative juices flowing!

On the flip side, Dramatica Pro is NOT a guaranteed magic wand or genie that will grant you a superb novel. It may not be simple for everyone to use. If you’re not technically inclined or don’t understand the novel writing process then you may have some difficulty with the software.

Also, it’s definitely not inexpensive – in fact, out of all of the software that we’ve reviewed, this one is the priciest. It may be worth it because it does a great job of walking you through the novel writing process, but if price is a consideration, then this can be a sticking point. Also, it’s not a solution if you’re creatively challenged.

However if you believe that you have a good idea, and are a good creative writer, then Dramatica Pro can help you organize your writing, structure your chapters, and introduce plot elements and characters in a way that can help you produce a better novel that will be more likely to attract a Publisher.

What we like

  • Dramatica Pro is easy to install, and works on both Mac and PC.
  • It has unique features such as illustrating different aspects of your story. If you’re a visual person then you’ll enjoy having a visual representation of your characters by means of graphics. You’ll be able to visually represent your characters personality.
  • You have support. Help and support is either by phone or email. Before you pick up the phone or send an email, look at the FAQs. The answer you seek may be in there.

What we don’t like

  • The price – at $269.95 it’s an investment
  • The program asks 385 questions when you begin a new story. This can be complicated and overwhelm you if you’re not familiar with novel writing.

If you’d like to take your travel writing to the next level with a novel then give Dramatica Pro a try. If you’re apprehensive about spending $269.95, no problem. There is a demo version available. CLICK HERE to download the demo version of Dramatica Pro. At the time of this review Dramatica Pro is on sale for $50 off the normal price (sale price is $219.95). If you try it and like the software then you can purchase it. Good luck with your soon-to-be-bestselling novel!


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  1. @Chris – thanks for dropping by! That does sound like a good solution for some writers, perhaps those that need less help as much as those on a tight budget…….either Rebecca or I will take a look at the Writer’s Dreamkit soon – we appreciate your letting us know about it!

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