Tips for Dealing with Burnout

Being a travel writer is great, but you can get ‘burned out’ just like you can with any other job.

Your friends may all envy you for living the exciting, glamorous life of a writer, but you’re not immune to burnout — in fact, it can be worse for writers! Where others can often put themselves on auto-pilot and work through it, burnout can lead to major ‘writer’s block’, actually preventing you from doing your job.

The key is to recognize burnout and do something about it before you become engulfed in a huge flame! Take the pain out of burnout with the following tips and tricks.

If you feel stifled, take a few hours or days off. Travel just to travel! Forget about writing any articles. Let loose and have fun. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to write. Right now, it’s important to get back the inspiration that went on vacation without you!

Tips and Tricks

  • Take a few days off.
  • Read a few travel magazines for inspiration.
  • Watch travel videos and listen to travel podcasts.
  • Watch The Travel Channel.
  • Read a couple of travel writing books.
  • Travel just to travel — don’t stress yourself by trying to write about it!

If you’re feeling burned out, it’s’ important to know that you’re not alone. Many people suffer from burnout from time to time. Plus, writer’s block happens to most writers sooner or later. Don’t sweat it — this too shall pass!

The best way to tackle burnout is head on. Don’t ignore it. If you have a creativity coach, schedule a meeting so the two of you can come up with solutions and strategies. You may even feel inclined to share these with your fellow travel writers.

Let’s face it, burnout is not fun. It can make us antsy, restless, and irritable. Yuck! You can avoid all of this by recognizing that you’re feeling like you don’t have an original idea in your head. It’s time to walk away, fast. Go for a drive, hang out at the park, go to the movies, go for a hike, or get out of town! You’ll feel much better. More importantly, you’ll get your writing MOJO back!


What do you do when you’re feeling burned out?

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