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Updated: Mar 29th, 2017

Twitter has taken the social media world by storm. If you’re a travel writer and you’re not using Twitter, you don’t know what you’re missing! Almost everyone is on Twitter. Many organizations such as Travel Channel International and many other travel sites can be found on Twitter.

In a nutshell, Twitter is simply a form of what is called “micro-blogging” – a short post (no more than 140 characters) to let your “followers” know what you’re doing, what’s new with you, or how your day is going. It started as a way for groups of friends to keep in touch, and while it still is that, it’s also morphed into a way for businesses to update their customers, announce new products, solicit (and respond to) customer feedback, improve brand perception, and much more.

So what can Twitter do for you? For starters, it can dramatically broaden your audience quickly. By regularly “tweeting” about what’s new on your website, you’ll gain links quickly. I addition to being a good way to drive traffic to your website, you’ll gain contacts — some that may be of great value in your travel writing career. Remember that networking is part of the plan to grow your travel writing.

What we like
Here’s what we like about Twitter:

  • Free to sign up with Twitter.
  • You can (and should) customize your Twitter page.
  • People can send you email.
  • Fast and easy to use (most of the time).
  • You can decline people if find their websites offensive — you have control.
  • Twitter is a great place to “meet” other travel writers.

What we don’t like
Of course, there’s some stuff we don’t like about Twitter:

  • Seems to be over capacity some of the time with Tweets.
  • Some people may follow you, but their website may not be relevant to yours.
  • You may feel obligated to follow people because they are following you.
  • Some occasional technical issues, such as difficulty changing picture or design.

Tips & Tricks

  • Follow people that are relevant to your website or niche.
  • Pick a unique layout — match the look and colors to your website if you have one.
  • Build relationships with people. Visit their website and leave comments on blog posts or articles ( Read our post: 10 Secrets to Leaving a Comment on a Travel Blog).
  • Tweet as often as you can, at least once per day (or a little more).
  • But, don’t over do it — Tweet too frequently and you may lose followers.
  • Let some of your personality shine through in your Tweets – your followers will look forward to what you have to say!

Over all, Twitter is a great social media tool. It’s fast and easy. You can get in, Tweet, and get out in less than a minute! Many mobile phones offer Twitter applications that allow you to Tweet from your cell phone. So…..go and sign up for your free Twitter account today!

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter too!

~ Rebecca

Do you have a Twitter account? How many times a day do you Tweet?

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  1. Great article title! I agree with you about people following you on Twitter that may not be relevant to your website. I’ve noticed that when I post something, let’s say about “network or multi-level marketing,” I seem to get a ton of people who want to follow me who are involved in MLMs. I don’t think their reading my Twitter post because I’m NOT an advocate of MLMs or Network Marketing. There’s a travel MLM that keeps trying to recruit me, but I’m just not sold on it. Sometimes I’ll block people or let them follow me.

  2. I like the picture…Twitter is taking-off. Now that Ashton Kutcher has reached over 1 Million followers, maybe he could finance them so they could get more servers :)

    It does get old when you log on and Twitter is over capacity…Maybe CNN could finance them as well. I’m sure Ted Turner has some extra cash…Seriously, Twitter is faster than other social networking sites. It will be interesting to see if there will be any “copy cats” out there. After all MySpace was first before Facebook and all of the other social sites.

  3. I like using Twitter and try to use it in “off” hours. I usually experience some sort of technical difficulty with it. Maybe Oprah can help them out — the one founder of Twitter was on her show this month. They probably need more server space…

  4. Ah, yes Twitter! Everyone is Tweeting. I personally like to follow people who resonate with me and my business. I’m not really fond of people who want to follow me that have nothing in common with me or my business. I guess I could follow them because it would give me and my business exposure, but then I would feel like a hypocrite and a fraud.

  5. Hi Joe

    My opinion is that you should just follow people who have something to say that interests you….there is so much “conversation” out there that it’s not possible to keep up with all of it, so you’re better of to focus on what has value for you. In most cases that will probably align with your business interests, but you may find some other very interesting folks on Twitter that you would never meet if it’s “all business all the time”….and besides, you never know where you’ll find a golden nugget that just may change your life!

  6. Dude, great shout out for Twitter! Love Twitter, it’s fast and easy. Some Tweets are a total bore. I like Tweets that are funny, insightful, and non-promotional. Yeah, I know we’re all doing the social media “hookup” thing driving to drive traffic and all of that stuff, but come on! Get over yourself — have fun with Twitter — it doesn’t have to be business all of the time. Snap!

  7. I just love Twitter! It’s fast and easy. I do agree with Joe about people wanting to follow you, but they don’t “fit” with your business. As soon as I “tweet” about something, someone immediately wants to follow me. I’m convinced that there’s a “Twitter Alert” program that people use to notify them that someone with their “keyword or alert” just tweeted. Does this make sense?

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