Online job sites like ScriptLance are great for diversified travel writers

Updated: Mar 20th, 2010

There’s a new online job site called Maybe you’ve heard of them, maybe not. ScriptLance is like other online job sites. You find a project, bid on it, receive the job and you get paid. It’s that simple. This is just another opportunity for travel writers to find travel writing projects.

To get started with ScriptLance, sign up with them and create a profile. Once you do this, you’ll be able to bid on the jobs. If you’re familiar with, you’ll be able to work with ScriptLance.

The major difference between ScriptLance and other online job sites is the jobs are mainly for people in technological fields. If you’re a travel writer who understands HTML, Flash, or Java, you may want to check out the site. If you dabble in graphic and web design in addition to travel writing, you may consider checking out You could bring in extra cash.

What we like

  1. Another online job site.
  2. It’s free.
  3. Can earn affiliate commissions if you refer people to ScriptLance.
  4. There’s a forum.
  5. There is a FAQ section.
  6. You can create a profile.
  7. They will help you if you have a dispute

From ScriptLance, “…Why should I use the service ScriptLance provides? Because we find customers for you, which might be the hardest thing for you to do, especially if you are a busy person. We already advertise all over the Internet and attract many customers, all of which could potentially request your programming services. Even if you have many customers already, why not use ScriptLance as an alternative if you need more? You’ve got nothing to lose! Also, if you have ever had problems agreeing on how to receive a payment, you will benefit from ScriptLance. Buyers can deposit money in several different ways (credit card, check, etc.) and you can withdraw money in many ways too, which means it’s easier to get paid at ScriptLance!”

What we don’t like

  1. Bidding on jobs
  2. Fees
  3. The website is mostly for people in technological fields

Online job sites are using the same format. You sign up for free account or pay a membership to receive more services. You can create a profile and upload your picture. Employers can “rank” you and your job performance. A higher ranking increases your writing opportunities.


This is from “…How much does this cost for Programmers? There is no signup fee and no monthly fee, but you are required to give ScriptLance a commission on each project you win a bid on. The commission is 5% of your bid (minimum $5). Example: If you are chosen for a project you have bid $200 on, $10 will be deducted from your account.”

Before you sign up with online job sites with ScriptLance, get the facts. Make sure your find the right online job site for you. If you want to sign up with many online job sites, go for it.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Follow ScriptLance’s guidelines.
  2. Make sure you can complete a project before you bid on it.
  3. Keep track of your bids, online job sites and projects
  4. Do not dispute a bid by yourself, get help from ScriptLance.

Take a chance on online job sites. You’ll never know which ones will work for you unless you try. Once you find the sites that work best for you, stick with them. Gain as much writing experience as you can. Good luck with Keep traveling and keep writing.


Will you check out ScriptLance? Why? Why not?

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  1. I’ll definitely check it out…’s good to have a few different sites to find writing jobs through…it can also be a good way to find contacts for future writing gigs.

    I once did a writing job I found on eLance, and now still occasionally write for the employer outside of eLance – they pay me directly (no fees) – but you have to be sure to not violate any rules (so that you don’t get banned from that site).

  2. Visiting different sites is a great way to find out which ones work for you.

    I referred a friend to and she won a graphic design contest. In fact, the client is looking to purchase three more design. If you’re a travel writer and “dabble” in graphic design, you may want to check them out:)

  3. Scriptlance is the worst Freelance site ever. If you are a service provider and are thinking of joining SL – DONT – I know – i have been a SL service provider and have been a victim of their harassment when they have to send payment. If you do join SL as a service provider – you will regret it some day as your payment withdrawal will be stuck for days – without giving you a reason – as you are a thief or a terrorist and a 100$ withdrawal will be used to blow up the UNO. The SL team and the owner are just paranoid schizophrenics and ARSEHOLES if you ask me.

    • That’s too bad. Sorry to here about ScriptLance. There are SO MANY freelance websites today. Unfortunately, some of them appear to be a great place for freelancers. It’s another story once you start working with them.

  4. I would like to concur with the previous post. Do *NOT* use this company – over the last year they have locked my account 3 different times, each time for when I transfer money to my account to add money to escrow for a project or to pay off a programmer.

    In addition, they are next to impossible to get hold of when you need support – a company should not repeatedly ignore communication requests.

    The frustration level of trying to use their services is great and thats an understatement!

    Does anyone have any other suggestions for who to use?



  5. As of now it is unclear to me whether Scriptlance is worth it or not. I am having a difficulty in determining if it is a good idea to engage with this online job site. I will appreciate it if you can help me with this. Also, any other freelance sites that are also worse?

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