A travel writer uses caution when joining groups on Meetup.com

Updated: Mar 20th, 2010

Meetup.com is a great place to meet “like-minded” people. However, there are some groups that impose stringent rules on its members.

If you’re a travel writer, use caution before you sign up with a Meetup group. Make sure you have all of the facts.

Here’s some insight to groups on Meetup.com from my personal experience.

What to look for

  1. Does the group have a membership fee?
  2. Is there a policy? Where is it located?
  3. What happens if you do not participate each month in the group?
  4. What is the policy on RSVPing? How much notice must you give if you need to cancel your RSVP?
  5. How active is the group?
  6. Are you informed of the policy before you sign up with a group?

Lately, I’ve been experiencing some issues with groups on Meetup.com. I understand why organizers may charge a fee from group members. Meetup.com charges organizers a monthly fee to host a group on its site. This is why many groups have sponsors — sponsorship can offset the membership fee.

Rules and regulations

Unfortunately, some organizers will change the rules after you join. Again, this is fine if members are informed of the change or have access to the policy or rules of the group.

It’s amazing how strict some of the groups are. If you’re a travel writer who does not like rules, you may want to forgo Meetup.com or find groups that are more open. After all, a travel writer usually flies by the seat of her pants — rules are made up along the way. Then again, some travel writers do not have any rules. They just grab their backpack and go!

To join Meetup.com or not to join Meetup.com

As a travel writer, your time is valuable. Make sure you join groups that have people who will support you and your writing. You may want to forgo joining groups that are not active. Watch out for groups that change the “rules” without informing you first. In my opinion this is not right.

Good luck with Meetup.com!


Have you signed up with Meetup.com? What groups did you join?

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  1. I know a few people that signed up with Meetup.com. You’re right, some groups have strict rules. It’s understandable because many people sign up for meetups and do not show up. It comes down to common courtesy.

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