Why Now is the Time to Become a Travel Writer

Updated: Mar 20th, 2010

You may not believe the time is right to be a travel writer, but you’re wrong. You must ask yourself the following question: is there ever a right time? You either want to follow your dreams or not. You can wait for the economy to improve or you can just become a travel writer. Perhaps family and friends do not support your travel writing, does this matter? Your life is yours to live; you always have a choice.

Being a travel writer right now is the best move you can make. Are you aware that hotels and resorts are empty? It’s true. They would love to fill their rooms with people. When you book your hotel, mention that you’re a travel writer. May be you will not receive free travel straight-away, but your room can improve. Perhaps the hotel will give you a free meal or free tickets to a show. You can show your appreciation by writing a stellar travel article.

Reasons why people choose not to become a travel writer

  1. Does not pay enough
  2. Not enough time
  3. The world is in turmoil
  4. I don’t speak the language
  5. How can I travel by myself?
  6. When will I find the time
  7. Can’t afford to travel

Reasons why you could travel now and become a travel writer

  1. People are still traveling
  2. Hotels and resorts are practically empty at this time
  3. Many people thrive no matter the state of the economy
  4. You could score free travel, meals, or tickets
  5. Traveling opens you up to different worlds

Many people will be reinventing their careers. It’s said that there will be more small businesses created now than ever. You could start your career as a travel writer now while others are running scared. Listening to negative talk will not serve you. What do you believe? What is right for you?

There are many high profiled and not-so high profiled people doing very well. Many have cut back not because they have to, but because it’s seen as the politically correct thing to do. To each their own. If you have the means to travel, go for it. You have your own life to live. You cannot be responsible for everyone else.

A travel writer has a great life. How far you go in your career is up to you. If you believe that you’ll be paid a certain amount for a piece, you probably will be. If you think that there are no travel writing opportunities available, you’ll prove yourself right by not finding any. On the other hand, if you believe anything is possible, you’ll find success as a travel writer. Choose your words and thoughts carefully — you may get what you think about sooner than you wish!


What’s holding you back from being a travel writer?

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