Stop Whining about Travel Jobs — Become a Wine Critic

Updated: Mar 21st, 2010

Are you a travel writer who is bored with writing about travel destinations? Are you a wine connoisseur? You could become a wine critic and marry your love of travel with wine. Remember that travel jobs just like wines come in many varieties.

Becoming a wine critic is a great way to get started in travel writing. Many people travel to France and Italy. These countries are known for their wines. You could book a trip and write about the different wines you sample. Don’t forget to write about your experience. The travel articles that you could write are endless.

Narrow down your niche to a particular region of the world, white or red wine, or a particular brand of wine. It’s best to narrow down you topic as possible. When you become a wine critic, you’ll be an authority on wines.

Become a wine critic

Here are some steps you can take to become a wine critic.

  1. Know thy grapes
  2. Learn the best places in the world for wine
  3. Study the wine making process
  4. Visit vineyards and wineries
  5. Get a part-time job at a vineyard or winery
  6. Get a degree in wine (optional)
  7. Write

The best way to become a wine critic is to work at a vineyard or winery. You can do this on a part-time basis. You’ll be a better writer if you know and understand the wine making process. It does not happen overnight. There are many things to consider such as choosing the right grape and equipment. Learn as much as you can about wine. Leave no stone unturned!

Starting out as a wine critic

  1. Review wines from local restaurants
  2. Go to wine festivals and sample wines
  3. Review local vineyards and wineries

You may not become a wine critic overnight, but it will happen. Start researching vineyards and wineries in your backyard. If you live in the U.S. start with California. Napa Valley is known throughout the U.S. for producing fine wines. Study their history and the different wines they make. This will give you insight into the world of making wine.

After you become a wine critic, you could give tours of local wineries. People will appreciate the knowledge that you have of wine. Many do not know how to select a wine to go with dinner. You could give people advice on the wine that is best with fish or poultry.

Writing about travel is great, but there’s more to it than seeing ruins or shopping. If you have a passion for wine, turn it into a career. If you already write about wines, this is a great way to transition into travel writing. You’ll have plenty to write about — get started now!


Would you become a wine critic? Do you have a favorite wine critic?

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