How SEO Improved My Travel Writing Articles

Updated: Mar 24th, 2009

By now you know that SEO is done by most people. Using keywords will help boost traffic to your site. Of course, a little advertising helps as well. Learning SEO has done wonders for my travel writing articles and my freelance writing services.

Tip: When you write an ad to be placed on Google, make sure to use the appropriate keywords.

The ideal keyword density is “1.5% – 3%” for a 300-word article. This equates to a minimum of six keywords for your travel writing articles. Avoid stuffing your articles with keywords. Google will frown upon this and you’ll probably be put on the watch list!

Paying attention to keywords has improved my travel writing articles. My writing is being stretched because some keywords are misspelled and some phrases do not make sense. As a writer, it’s my job to make sure I write a compelling article that is coherent and that will receive good page ranks. This is challenging when you have a keyword or keyword phrase that seems “off-the-wall.”

I must admit that using misspelled or “weird” keywords and phrases drives me nuts. It’s like writing an incomplete sense! Clients search for words and phrases that have little or no competition.

Benefits of SEO writing

  1. More writing opportunities are available
  2. Increase traffic from an ad campaign
  3. Potential to receive high rankings for your travel writing articles
  4. You could become an SEO consultant for travel websites

Anything that you can do as writer to improve your skills will benefit you in more ways than one. SEO writing is in demand right now. If you understand how to use SEO, you could do very well as a writer. Many organizations are paying writers who understand SEO $25+ per blog/article. The more knowledge you have increases your chances of receiving writing opportunities — I am speaking from experience.

Research keywords with Google AdWords Keyword Tool. This is a great tool to use if you’re new to SEO. You’ll receive the following information: keywords, advertiser competition, approximate search volume for a particular month, and approximate average search volume. It’s a great way to see words that have a high/low competition.

Good luck with your SEO and travel writing articles!


Are you incorporating SEO into your travel articles?

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  1. SEO is very important. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand SEO. There’s soooo much too learn. I do use Google AdWords: Keyword Tool. I also use Google Trends and Google Insights for Search…Just an FYI for everyone.

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