Travel Writers Create an eBook from Your Articles

Updated: Mar 21st, 2010

Travel writers who have written articles based on their “niche” market can turn them into eBooks. Don’t think it can be done? Well, you better think twice! Writing can be the hardest part, but if you have a lot of travel articles, you’re half-way there. Don’t give up now!

If you have a blog or website, an eBook can drive traffic to your website. It’s a great marketing tool. Since you already have enough material for an eBook, you may as well take the plunge and create one today. Tomorrow, reap the rewards from your eBook. This could include a publishing deal. It could happen!

Fast Tips for Writing an eBook

  1. Write about a familiar topic. This is where you can turn your “hobby” of travel into an ebook. Those travel articles you wrote about Asian travel will be of interest to someone, somewhere. The key is to organize your articles, create an outline for your eBook, and start incorporating your articles into a structured format.

    Since your “niche” is Asian travel, you’ll be able to market your eBook online with ease. This is why having a “niche travel market” is important. It’s easier to market your eBook if it’s “narrowly” defined. If it’s too broad of a topic, it could get lost out in cyberspace!

  2. Write about a topic that is not familiar to you. Now, you know you like to travel, but may not have a “specific niche.” Why not research an area of travel that is of interest to you?

    Remember, readers will be in search of a solution or information that is put together in a neat and orderly manner. You could write your eBook as if you are having a conversation with someone instead of the usual “how to” manner.

    Make sure your writing is error free. Whitesmoke is a great writing software program. They have an English Forum – Get Answers from Top Experts. If you are unsure about grammar and punctuation, join the forum!

  3. Create Your eBook. This is the step that intimidates many people. First, use your favorite word processing software. Most people use Word, however, some people may use Power Point. Your eBook can be as many pages as your would like it to be. However, most eBooks are compact and get to the point; they’re approximately 50-60 pages.
  4. Market Your eBook. Obviously you’ll want to market your eBook on your website. If it’s your first eBook, you may give it away for free or charge a reasonable amount. If you’re a “web design guru” and created an “opt-in” option for a newsletter, you could give the first three chapters of your eBook away for FREE if visitors “opt-in” to receive your newsletter.

    If you plan on selling your eBook on your travel writing website, use an easy checkout method. After you receive payment, the reader can be sent an email with download instructions and a link to download your eBook. The most common payment/checkout method to use is PayPal.

    Market your website by receiving “link backs” to your website. Since you know how to write articles, sign up with Ezine Articles or GoArticles. You’ll receive link backs to your website.

    Commenting on other travel writers websites is another way to receive link backs. Of course, there’s always PPC (Pay Per Click), but make sure you know what you are doing! PPC can be costly if you are not savvy in PPC marketing.

Your travel articles are a great way to create an eBook. You can sell your eBook for whatever price you like — $7 to $47, it’s your choice. This is a great way to receive traffic to your website. Create an opt-int list and you’ll be on your way to travel writing success!


Did you create an eBook? Was the process easy or difficult?

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