Travel Writers, How Will You Support Your Dream?

Updated: Mar 23rd, 2010

Many travel writers give up on their dream of travel writing for many reasons. These may include but are not limited to the following: it’s too difficult, there’s no money in travel writing, no time to write, it will take too long to achieve my dream, and finding travel writing jobs is tough. You could believe these excuses or think of creative solutions to support your travel writing dream. The choice is yours!

You could support your travel writing in a variety of ways. You could work a full-time job and write travel on a part-time basis. Also, consider dabbling in affiliate marketing. Ok, this one can take some time before you build up cash. But, if your blog receives a lot of traffic, you could earn extra cash in no time as long as you understand affiliate marketing.

Travel Jobs

  1. Tour Guide
  2. Work in hotels and resorts
  3. Blogger for a travel organization
  4. Work at the airport in one the shops
  5. Photographer
  6. Work at a spa
  7. Drive an airport shuttle bus
  8. Work for a concierge service

You may consider taking non-travel jobs to support your travel writing. Having multiple streams of income will serve you well. Before you know it, you’ll have enough saved to take that 3-week vacation and can write about it.

Non-Travel Writing Jobs

  1. Photographer
  2. Tutor
  3. Editor
  4. Movie extra
  5. Affiliate marketer
  6. Call center representative
  7. Blogger
  8. Focus group participant
  9. Transcriber

You may have noticed that some jobs appear in both lists. This is where being flexible in your writing is a bonus. Just because you blog about travel writing does not mean you’re not skilled to write on other topics. If you’re interested in a variety of subjects, create another blog. For example, you may be passionate about health and wellness (very big industry). Start blogging about it. In fact, you could start a travel writing blog on “how to stay fit while you travel.”

It would behoove travel writers to learn photography. Not only will you be able to position yourself to magazines and newspapers, but you can earn extra cash by selling your photos. Plus, you could get a job as a photographer at the mall or with a photography studio. Visit AWAI and check out their photography course. It will be a snap!

You could do MLM (multi-level marketing aka networking marketing), help promote an eBook, tele-seminar, or online course. These types of jobs may drain your energy and before you know it, your writing is shelved! Plus, it helps if you’re “passionate” about the product you’re selling. If you have not used the product, people may sense that and there goes the sale!

Remember, if you exhaust yourself with activities that take up too much time and energy, your travel writing will suffer because of it. You want to avoid this and focus on finding jobs that will support your travel writing and you!


What are you doing to support your travel writing dream? Let us know.

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