Travel Writers Adhere to Ezine Articles Guidelines — Receive Benefits

Updated: Mar 23rd, 2010

Travel writers the best way to get noticed is through article marketing. The number one article marketing site is EzineArticles. This is a great way to promote your travel writing. However, make sure to follow the guidelines. Proceed with caution when you submit your travel articles to EzineArticles.

If you’re a witty and humorous travel writer, you may have to “tweek” the way you write your travel articles, if you would like to submit them to EzineArticles. No creativity is allowed in an article that is submitted to EzineArticles! They will send you a lovely email telling you to “fix” your article. Even though you may be using a “fictitious” scenario, they’ll think it’s real!

Ezine Article Marketing Tips

  1. No creativity in your article. Forget about being witty or humorous. Just get to the point and write a typical “how-to” or informational article.
  2. Do not bold a lot of text! Only bold key points, but keep it to a minimum.
  3. Make sure you stick to the rules about two non-self serving links. Choose your links with care since there’s a limit to how many you can use.
  4. Use the resource box to list your URLs. You are allowed two self-serving links in your resource box.
  5. Consider leaving out non-self serving links. You may want to delete the links in your article.
  6. Do not use EzineArticles to promote your travel writing; use a press release. EzineArticles will “toss out” your article without notice. You are not allowed to sell or self-promote in your articles.
  7. Read the editorial guidelines twice. Read and understand the guidelines to avoid receiving an email telling you to revise your articles.

Yes, EzineArticles has very strict guidelines that you must follow. The trade-off is the benefits that you’ll receive by submitting articles to their site.

Benefits of EzineArticles

  1. Receive leads to your website
  2. Boost your credibility and authority level
  3. Exposure to unique visitors that use EzineArticles on a daily basis
  4. Can be more effective than advertising
  5. Improve sales of products, services, and “ideas”
  6. Generates traffic to your website for FREE

The bottom line is that EzineArticles can help launch you to the top in travel writing. The benefits outweigh the “strict guidelines” that EzineArticles enforces. Read and re-read and understand them. In fact, you may want to read the guidelines before you submit your travel articles. It will save you time in the end. The time you save can be spent on writing more travel articles. So — write those travel articles and submit them to EzineArticles today!


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