Travel Writer Uses These Top 10 Press Release Tips — Receives Traffic to Website

Updated: Mar 24th, 2010

A travel writer created a blog about European travel. Her website received TWO MILLION visitors! Her travel writing is very dynamic and she also sells travel on her website. Anyway, hitting 2 million visitors is very newsworthy. She wanted to write and release a press release, but was not sure how to do it. Good thing she stumbled upon this blog about writing and releasing press releases. She’ll write her press release in no time and be on her way to THREE MILLION visitors to her blog!

10 Tips for Writing and Releasing Press Releases

  1. Release newsworthy information. Make sure you have something interesting to release. If you sell travel, you can write a press release about a specific resort that may have gone through renovations.
  2. Let the audience know the information is intended for them and let them know why. Your press release must convey a message to your audience. Make sure you know what that message is before you write your press release.
  3. The first 10 words must be effective in order to grab readers attention. Just like with a title or header, the first 10 words of your press release must grab readers attention. Use effective, powerful words to “hook” readers. A thesaurus will come in handy.
  4. Ask yourself, “will people be able to relate to this? and how do I make a connection with people?”. You want to connect with your audience. Make sure people will be able to relate to what it is you’re saying and connect with them.
  5. Give a brief description of the news. Briefly describe the news.
  6. Just the facts. Stick to the facts and do not go off on a “writing tangent.”
  7. Do not use fancy language or overuse adjectives. Overusing adjectives can make writing look sloppy. Do not overuse exclamation marks! Write your press release so people will understand what they are reading. There’s no need to go overboard with adjectives; readers will get the point.
  8. Include contact information. Include as much contact information as possible: contact name, phone number, email address, web URL, fax number (some people still use), and any other pertinent contact information. You want people to visit your website, call and email you about your travel writing services or book a trip.
  9. Only release a press release if you have something substantial such as reaching ONE MILLION visitors to your website. If you’ve reached ONE MILLION visitors to your website, announce it to the world. Perhaps you’ve been a travel writer for a number of years, built up a portfolio, and are ready to begin your career in freelance travel writing career. Maybe you wrote a guidebook. Whatever the case maybe, release substantial information to the masses.
  10. Utilize the media to their fullest and make sure your press release will be easy for the media to release. Yes, the media can be a fickle friend. It would behoove you to get to know someone at a corporation or non-profit because they usually have their press releases released in no time! They can help you get yours released if you partner with them Allow the media to do their jobs. They’ll know where and when to release a press release.
  11. Use a service to release your press release. Some press release services are free to use. Check out Free Press Release and submit your press release today.

Travel writers, these are some tips on how to write and release a press release. Keep your press release to one page and don’t forget to end your press release. There’s nothing worse than reading something and having no idea if there’s more information or if it’s the end. Search Google for examples of press releases. So — write your press release today, tomorrow you’ll have visitors “surfing” your website and contacting you about your travel writing.


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