Sail into Travel Writing on a Cruise Line

Updated: Mar 23rd, 2010

When you think of travel jobs, what comes to mind? Travel agent? Working for AAA? Tour Guide? These are fantastic travel jobs, but have you ever thought about working for a cruise line?

If you were a fan of the Love Boat or MTVs Real World Semester at Sea, then you know how much fun being on a cruise ship can be! To be fair, on the Real World Semester at Sea, the kids had to complete class assignments, but they got to travel around the world and meet different people!

If you would like to “break into” travel writing, consider applying for a job with a cruise line. Now, you may have heard or read about the story of the Somali Pirates that attacked a Nautica cruise ship. The ship was brought to “flank speed” and was able to outrun the pirates. Don’t let this story deter you from applying with a cruise line. In a way it’s kind of cool because if you’re a fan of history then you probably found the story very intriguing. Although, the pirates were probably not like the pirates of yesteryear such as Blackbeard, Henry Morgan, Captain Kidd, Captain Hook, or Captain Jack Sparrow!

Cruise Lines

  1. Norwegian Cruise Line. Known for “flexible cruise vacations,” you can steer your travel career in the direction you would like it to go with Norwegian.
  2. Carnival Cruise. For a “fun travel job,” check out Carnival where everyday is a celebration! They tout themselves as “The World’s Most Popular Cruise Line.” Visit their website today, start cruising and writing travel tomorrow!
  3. Disney Cruise Line. If you’re a big fan of Mickey and Minnie then this is the cruise line for you. You’ll probably receive great discounts to Disney World and Disney Land.
  4. Princess Cruises. Climb aboard, they’re expecting you! Princess Cruises has been around since 1965 and is still going strong. There fleets carry more than ONE MILLION passengers to different destinations around the world. That’s a lot of contacts to make. You could meet a couple editors, experienced travel writers, and hosts from the Travel Channel!

Sometimes finding travel writing jobs requires you to think “outside of the box.” You can search the internet job boards, but why not do something different? Working on a cruise line has many benefits such as: you get to see the world for FREE, if you have photography experience, you could be the ship’s photographer, put your “techie skills” to use and work in the IT department, and so much more!

Take a chance with a “unique” travel job such as a cruise line. It will beat the same old, same old of applying for freelance writing jobs via the internet. A cruise line can offer you an opportunity of a lifetime. Who knows — it may change your life!


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