How Do Organizations Find Freelance Travel Writers?

Updated: Mar 11th, 2010

Travel writers, will organizations be able to find you? Do you know how important it is to market your writing services? It all comes down to “how you position” yourself. If you understand how companies find freelance writers, you’ll be a successful travel writer.

Companies search for freelance writers in different ways. They will scour the Earth to find creative talent! It will behoove you to know how companies find their freelance writers. This information will help you find and obtain many writing opportunities.

Three Ways Companies Find Freelancers

  1. Online ads. Some organizations use online ads to find freelance travel writers. These sites include but are not limited to Craigslist,,,, and many other sites. The negative is that these ads attract many freelance writers. Organizations can receive 300 or more resumes! The key is to set yourself apart from the other travel writers. This is why having a strong portfolio is necessary along with being able to write in any style or tone.

    Another way to set yourself apart is by what you can offer the organization. If you’re a SEO guru, show the organization how you can help increase traffic to their site. Ask questions because it will convey that you are a serious and competent writer.

  2. Referrals from other companies. Referrals are fantastic, if you know how to use them. You could set up a referral system. But, that’s another blog.

    The bottom line is this: if you write for a few clients, ask them to refer you to other companies. Do not be shy about asking for a referral because most people will not ask for a referral. If you ask for referrals, you’ll be able to score some great travel writing opportunities.

    Note: before you ask for a referral make sure your client is happy and satisfied with your work.

  3. Online searches. Search engines can help you obtain writing opportunities. Some companies will conduct online searches to find freelance writers. If you have a blog that is ranked high in search engines, companies are sure to find you when they look for freelance writers. You’ll be the first choice travel writer for the writing opportunity.

These are some ways companies find freelance writers. If you want to be one of those travel writers who is chosen for a project, begin to market yourself. You could create a free advertisement on Craigslist and market your services. You could also market your services through eBay as well as long as you have an account with them.

It is imperative that you know how companies find freelance writers. You’ll be able to position yourself when searching for writing opportunities and marketing your services. Good luck!


How do you find freelance travel writing opportunities? Let us know.

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