Hottest 10 Article Marketing Tips Successful Travel Writers Use

Updated: Mar 23rd, 2010

Travel writers who are not utilizing article marketing are missing out a fantastic opportunity to promote themselves. Article marketing is just as valuable as a portfolio. In fact, some people will ask if you have an EzineArticles account.

An EzineArticles account is free. When you post articles to EzineArticles, they give you banners that you can put on your website. You can go back and put the banner at the end of your travel article. This is a good way to let your readers know that you have “expert” status with EzineArticles.

Article marketing is a great way to advertise your travel writing services. You can boost the traffic to your website in no time. The best benefit is that you’ll have authority and credibility in your “niche” travel market.

10 Article Marketing Tips

  1. Keep your articles between 400-700 words. Keep it short and to the point. Breakup articles longer than 700 words.
  2. What’s the 411? Give information to readers. This is what they’re looking for when they search article marketing websites.
  3. Create your headline with care. What’s the benefit to your readers? They’ll know when they read your headline.
  4. Use other article directories. There are many article marketing websites besides EzineArticles. Check out Go Articles and Affsphere.
  5. Post articles on your website. This is an obvious one. Most people take their articles from their website and post them on article marketing websites.
  6. Utilize affiliates. Affsphere allows you to place affiliate links into your article. If you have affiliates use them to your advantage. They can help promote your writing.
  7. Use RSS feeds. An RSS feed is a great way to syndicate your travel articles.
  8. Use autoresponders. An autoresponder automatically “answers email that is sent to it” (from wikipedia). It can be simple or complex. Visit Smart Autoresponder to learn more.
  9. Create unique content. Unique content is king! Make sure your travel articles are original. It used to be that all you had to do is create content (never understood this), but it’s unique content that will get you noticed.
  10. Compile an eBook from your articles. Take all of your articles and write an eBook. Half the work is already done, which is the writing. Now you can put together an eBook and sell it on your website or give it away for free (to entice visitors).

These 10 hot article marketing tips are sure to bring you more traffic to your website and get you noticed! Article marketing is a great benefit to your travel writing and it’s free. There’s no reason not to utilize it. You can increase traffic to your website and get some sales, if you’re selling travel on your website or utilize Google Adsense. Not only that, it’s another way to show the world your travel writing. It’s a win-win situation! Use article marketing today, tomorrow become a successful travel writer!


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  1. Be careful with Ezine Articles. They are persnickety! Read and re-read their guidelines. I’ve started reading them before I submit my articles. I got tired of my articles being rejected for one small thing. That’s the way it goes.

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