Travel Writers Use these 5 Tips When Seeking Travel Writing Jobs

Updated: Mar 24th, 2010

A couple of travel writers discovered a plethora of travel writing jobs. They were smart enough not to listen to the economic doom and gloom speak of family, friends, and the media. They started their search a few weeks ago, and boom; they found many different types of travel writing jobs.

These travel writers found jobs because they actually looked for them! Plus, their outlook was positive and upbeat. Each day they “reaffirmed” or re-afformed” that their dream travel writing jobs were within reach. You see, the travel writers studied the Law of Attraction, and discovered how to use affirmations or afformations (questions) to attract to them their dream travel writing jobs. They figured it could not hurt, everyone else is on the Law of Attraction bandwagon. In fact, some of the travel writers will be writing in the niche market of “law of attraction travel” which is “how to attract vacations to you!”

The travel writers kept their day jobs while they cultivated their writing skills and looked for writing jobs. These travel writers did not close their eyes and ask the “genie of the universe” to bring them the jobs they asked for! They did some research and wrote each day, which paid-off for all of them.

The travel writers are on their way to new careers in travel writing. Some decided to “branch out” into photography. No doubt, they will be successful no matter what they do!

5 Tips to Finding Travel Writing Jobs

  1. Start a blog. This cannot be stressed enough. A blog can be used as your portfolio. Providing a link to your site is easier than submitting 10 samples! Of course, there are some organizations that prefer to have one or two samples (Word format) sent to them.
  2. Write each day. Your writing skills will improve over time if you write each day; your portfolio will grow as well.
  3. Travel. You must travel to write about it. Start with short trips within you state or bordering states. If you enjoy traveling abroad, go for it!
  4. Take a writing course or two. If you are not a strong writer, you will need to develop your writing skills. Travel writing is no different than any other career. A CPA must keep up his license and skills with continuing education. Travel writers must brush up on their writing skills and learn new writing techniques. This can include learning how to use SEO.
  5. Look for travel writing jobs on the internet and in your backyard. Remember, the “genie of the universe” will not drop travel writing jobs into your lap! You must look for them.

    Consider taking other writing jobs besides travel writing. These jobs will help strengthen your writing skills.

These are some tips that will help you to receive travel writing jobs. The key is that you must look for them. No one else will do the work for you. It’s up to you to go after what you want in life.

Many people give up on their dreams or goals because they do not put much effort into it. They do some work and walk-away because their dream did not come to fruition overnight.

Give your travel writing a chance. You would not plant a garden and then dig up the seeds each day because the vegetables you expected were not there the next morning! Travel writing is the same way. It will take some time. Sit back and enjoy the journey; you’ll arrive at the destination soon enough.



Networking. Do you know how to network? Most people are clueless when it comes to networking. Their idea of networking is attending a seminar or conference twice a year.

Places you can network are the grocery store, a party, or bookstore. Where ever you are is an opportune moment to network. Most people will ask “what do you do?” It’s not an original question, especially if you’re looking for a date, but that’s another blog.

Tell people that you are a beginner or experienced travel writer. You’ll be surprised who knows who. Your networking can lead to a job at the local newspaper or magazine. You’ll never know unless you strike-up conversations with people when you are out and about each day.

Disclaimer: if you’re shy, networking can help you overcome being shy. Have the courage to do something you never done before in your life. You’ll never know what could happen. You may end up getting a date; hopefully you’re available. If not, just say thank you and walk-away, fast!

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