Travel Writer Won Publishing Contest with “Travels to Africa” eBook

Updated: Mar 24th, 2010

A travel writer who wrote an eBook titled “Travels to Africa” won a publishing contest. This travel writer knew that traveling is a hot topic. With a fiery eBook about Africa, she was sure to take first place in a publishing contest and that’s exactly what happened. The travel writer now has a book deal with a prominent publishing company and is signed to write five more books for the publisher. Congratulations!


Travel writers, did you know that you could publish an eBook? Travel writing is a broad topic; there are plenty of topics for an eBook. You could write an eBook solely for the male or female market. The opportunities are endless.

Do not let the thought of writing an eBook intimidate you. It may seem daunting at first, but once you have the keys to writing an eBook, you’ll be fine. Do not be disappointed if you first eBook is not a success. Do you know how many writers failed before they were published? No publisher wanted anything to do with J.K. Rowlings little book “Harry Potter” and look what happened with that! True, “Harry Potter” is not an eBook, but it’s still a book!

Keys to writing an eBook

  1. What is your reason for writing the eBook? Financial success? Education? Promoting a business?
  2. Select a topic. What’s the subject of your eBook?
  3. Know your audience. Is your eBook for males or females? Is it for parents? Is it for people with pets? Backpack travelers?
  4. Create a title. The title must convey the content of the book. Before you decide on a title, brainstorm for ideas. Choose the top five titles and then narrow it down from that point.
  5. Write a thesis statement. Do you remember writing a high school English paper? The first step is to write a thesis statement: a sentence or two that shows the reason(s) for your eBook and what you expect to write.

Topics for eBook

  1. Traveling with pets. People love their pets, especially dog lovers.
  2. Traveling with children. If you’re a parent then you have first hand knowledge about this subject.
  3. How-to.” The “how-to” market is fabulous. You could write an eBook on “how to pack properly for your travels.”
  4. Safety. Tips and tricks on travel safety will score big with readers.
  5. Cruises. For those who are crazy for cruises, you could write an eBook on the best cruise lines.
  6. Hotels and resorts. Write about hotels and resorts with the best all-inclusive packages.

This is a brief overview of an eBook. It’s easier to write than you think. Sometimes the most difficult part is thinking of a topic to write about and then sitting down to write the eBook.

Stay tuned for more information on writing an eBook. We’ve just begun to scratch the surface. You may consider signing up for our weekly blog recap. This way you’ll never miss a post and the information will be at your fingertips. Keep writing!


Did you write an eBook? Did you find the process easy or difficult?

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