Travel Writer Scores BIG DEALS with Non-Profit and Corporate Sponsorships

Updated: Mar 24th, 2010

A travel writer scored big with non-profit and corporate sponsorships. She was thrilled beyond belief. The deals are worth thousands of dollars! Not too shabby for a travel writer; we all know what most of them make.

The travel writer listened to a tele-seminar on “how to get non-profit and corporate sponsorships.” She took the information and applied it to her eBook that she wrote on “how to get started in travel writing.”

The travel writer was not scared to approach non-profits or corporations. She was smart enough to know that it’s about the “experiences” one has not about the “eyeballs.” Translation: experiences are more important to non-profits and corporations because a person will have first-hand knowledge about a product, service, or life changing encounters.

There are three questions the travel writer asked herself about the non-profit and corporate sponsorships:

  1. Can I assist these organizations with changing or reinforcing their image?
  2. Do I have enough unique content (power)?
  3. Are these organizations credible?

Our travel writer answered “yes” to all of these questions. She now has multi-million dollar deals with three HUGE WELL-KNOWN organizations. She will be traveling around the United States and Europe to promote her eBook. Check your local bookstores and event centers to meet and greet our travel writer!

3 Keys to Get Non-profit and Corporate Sponsorships

  1. Never let small business make you small minded.
  2. Knowing how to speak the language of non-profits and corporations is an art form. Non-profits are about giving to people. Do not ask a non-profit for money! You ask them “what can I do for you?”

    Corporations look at the bottom line. Peruse a corporation’s website and read what the major executives are saying. Pay close attention to the phrases a corporation’s public relations (marketing) department uses.

  3. Positioning yourself is a MUST. It’s about selling yourself. Who are you? Why do you want a non-profit or corporation to give you money or whatever it is you’re asking for? What are the benefits to the non-profit and or corporation.

What Can You Achieve?

  1. Speaking engagements.
  2. Organizations will purchase your eBook or guide. You do not spend money on marketing.
  3. Receive advances for your book or novel.

Phrases to Use

  1. Non-profit: raise funds and awareness. The VP of Development is in charge of raising funds. The VP of Marketing is in charge of raising awareness. Sometimes it’s one person for both of these jobs. Contact these people if you’re looking for non-profit sponsorship.
  2. Corporations: bottom line and benefits. Contact the VP of Marketing or Sponsorships through email or phone and state “what you want to do and how you want to work with them.” Do not sell at this point! If they’re interested, they will say “send me something.” Follow up or they will contact you if they’re interested.

These are some ways to receive non-profit and corporate sponsorships. Before you decide on a non-profit or corporation, watch the messages they send to their target audiences. Review their websites and read magazines that may have featured the non-profit or corporation. Make sure to do your research before you take the “leap of faith” and ask for sponsorship! Your reputation will depend on it! Remember the Nike scandal in 1997…



Press Releases: Major Fortune 500 or non-profit organizations prepare and release press releases all of the time. If you partner with a major organization and they release your press release, it will get picked up by the media (faster) versus you releasing it.

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