Freelance Travel Writer’s Website Celebrates One Million Visitors

Updated: Mar 24th, 2010

It’s time to pop the vintage bottle of champagne and celebrate. A travel writer’s website attracts visitors like bees to a hive! Her travel writing is witty, yet informative. Readers are transported to destinations that they did not know existed. The best part is that readers do not have to leave home. Talk about a cheap vacation!

Another way this travel writer attracts visitors is through offering a free eBook titled “Tips and Tricks of Travel.” The eBook covers topics such as “Packing for Your Vacation,” and “Hotels and Resorts with the Best All-Inclusive Packages.” The “money saving travel tips” in her eBook would make any traveler salivate with anticipation.

This travel writer knows how to “hook and catch” readers. Her website is very “eye-catching,” clean, and simple. She’s smart enough to realize that too much Flash will turn-off visitors faster than using the Clapper.

The travel writer was able to reach one million visitors because she was not stuck in a rut. Most travel writers get too comfortable and limit themselves to using a few traffic generating techniques. Luckily, our travel writer tried many techniques and hit the “traffic” jackpot. She attracts visitors from all over the world. They just can’t get enough of her website. Life is grand!

10 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website

  1. High quality, unique content. Content is not enough! It must be unique content. This is the key.
  2. Commenting on blogs and forums. Posting comments on blogs and forums is a great way to receive link backs to your website.
  3. Podcasting. This is like an audio blog which is done through an RSS feed. The podcast can be download to MP3 players and IPods.
  4. Newsletters. A newsletter that is lively and rich with information will grab a visitor’s attention. Visitors may look at a few posts or pages of your website and then disappear. Entice them to return with a newsletter. This is a great way to remind visitors that your site is up and running!
  5. Domain name. A names says its all. Make sure your domain name is memorable and easy for visitors to remember.
  6. Social Networking. Do you have a MySpace or Facebook account? If not, it’s time to sign up with these two social networking sites. Don’t forget about Twitter. Did you “tweet” today?
  7. Give away a free eBook. An eBook is a great way to attract visitors, especially a free eBook.
  8. Use keywords in your travel writing. Keywords are words or phrases that visitors use to find websites. Make sure you are using the right keywords. Check out Wordtracker which is a FREE keyword suggestion tool.
  9. Utilize article marketing. Ezine Articles is the most popular article marketing website. Start with them and become familiar with article marketing before you blast your articles all over the internet. Check out Go Articles and Affsphere as well.
  10. Be a guest blogger or article writer. Won’t you be our guest? Publish content on “expert” sites that are related to your website. This tactic is commonly used because the links from the “expert site” will match the “theme” of your website.

These are just some ways to get traffic to your website. Many of the ways to generate traffic to your website require further explanation. So — come back to for more ideas on “how to generate website traffic.” After all, we do not want to overwhelm you with a lot of information all at once. Plus, this would end up being a 20 page blog!



Forum. The key is to have a popular forum to attract visitors to your website and keep repeat visitors. The downside is that a forum is a lot of work. You need a moderator or moderators and someone to remove spam. Are you going to do all of this? Before you start a forum, think about the pros and cons.

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  1. Hi Rebecca, great post. I had forgotten all about translating my blogs or articles into podcasts for download. Thanks

  2. I have been out of travel writing for just over a decade, and it’s great to see so many mediums to both present and market great travel writing.

    Just to make it clear to me though, is the million visitor web site mentioned in this article “” or a different web site. If different, which one please.

    Many thanks

  3. Thank for the comments! Keep them coming… is taking-off by leaps and bounds and is still growing and developing! We have not reached a million visitors, yet — but we will!

    There’s a company called, and they are doing very well. They have pages such as travel and community, and they sell merchandise. They also give readers reports on “surf spots.” It all depends on how you market yourself and what you do with your love of travel and writing.

    Check out this article on Copy Blogger…it may help to grow your travel writing.

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