For Immediate Release — Travel Writer Optimizes Her Blog with Press Release

Updated: Mar 24th, 2010

A travel writer’s travel writing blog reached ONE MILLION visitors! This was a monumental feat for the travel writer. Her investors were very happy with this news, which was too good to be kept “under wraps.” It was decided the travel writer would write a press release.

The travel writer scoured the internet for tips and tricks on how to write a press release. She found a lot of information and studied press release writing before she wrote her press release. The press release was blasted all over the internet and reached many people. Her travel writing website is steadily climbing towards TWO MILLION visitors. Let’s congratulate this travel writer for a job well done!

Travel writers can use press releases to get the word out about their blogs. When you write a great blog, announce it to the world through a press release. Use your blog and a press release to “announce that you’re available for writing opportunities.” You could announce that you’ve “reached a milestone such as ONE MILLION visitors to your blog.” The only limitations that exist for a press release are those in your mind!

Think of a press release as a political campaign. You’ll make a good story with proper wording and convincing. Mix-in a touch of sweet talk and catchy phrases and watch as the press release forms before your eyes!

Basics of Press Release Writing

The standard press release contains the following in the opening paragraph: who, what, where, when, and why. When you write a press release, use the following format:

Contact Person:
Company Name:
Telephone Number:
Fax Number:
Email Address:
Website URL:

City, State, Date — Opening paragraph (who, what, when, where, and why)
The body of text
If you have more than one page use: – more – (centered)
On the next page abbreviate the headline (page 2)
Add the remaining text
Contact information:
For additional information: (put the website address)
Contact: (put the email address)
Phone Number:
When you are finished use: ###

Press Release Sites

  1. Free Press Release. This service has a “basic free service” as well as press release packages to suit your needs.
  2. Press Release Writing. A great resource for information on writing a press release. They provide a sample press release that you can use as a guideline.
  3. 24-7 Press Release. Offers a free press release service as well as other packages.
  4. PR Web. This one costs money, but it may be worth it if your blog or website is skyrocketing with visitors!

Travel writers, optimize your blog posts with a press release. This is a great marketing tool to use. Press releases reach thousands upon thousands of people online. Take advantage of the free press release services and write yours today. Tomorrow, your blog or website could reach ONE MILLION visitors.


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