4 Golden Ways Travel Writers Become Published

Updated: Mar 27th, 2010

A group of travel writers met at Here’s to You Café to discuss how to become published. Some of the travel writers were very distraught. They felt as if they were in a catch-22. Many of them wrote travel articles but could not think of ways to become published. Some travel writers were newbies and were overwhelmed with the idea of becoming published. It’s a good thing there were experienced travel writers at the meeting to offer their stories and support!

Travel writers often face a major conundrum publishing issues. Most cannot get published until they publish travel articles. If they do not have any experience being published, how would they become published? It may be easier to answer the question, “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Never fear travel writers, there’s an answer to this riddle and it’s quite simple – become published!

Now you may be saying to yourself “how can I become published without any experience?” If you follow the ways that are listed below then you’ll have no problem with the “catch-22” of needing publishing experience in order to be published.

Ways to Get Published

  1. Newspapers. Local newspapers may look for filler material. Find out who the editor is and pitch your story. Remember to include photos with your article.
  2. Op-Ed Pieces. What did Napoleon Hill say about opinions? Actually, there are many sayings about opinions but this is a clean blog! If you traveled to Cambodia over the summer and were horrified at the living conditions then write about it.

    You never know, Angelina Jolie may read your work and you could travel with her and write about the experience. It could happen. Dream big! Remember to be objective when you write your opinion piece.

  3. Non-Paying Markets. Be careful with this one because you do not want a reputation as a travel writer who will work for free. Volunteering is a great way to gain publishing experience with publications, especially travel publications. It makes no difference whether a newspaper or magazine is online or in print. The point is to have “publishing clips” for your portfolio. Peruse Craigslist or some other job board and look for volunteer opportunities. Note: be wary of the fast talkers who make promises that they may not be able to keep.
  4. Writing Contests. Not only is entering a contest fun, it’s a great way to become published. True, your article will be more of a sample piece but if you win or place, you have proof that you were published somewhere.

These are some ideas for you to use when you’re ready to become published. The key factor to becoming published is to read the submission guidelines. Read them three times if you must! It will not matter if you wrote an award-winning travel article on The Impact Air Travel has on Planet Earth because you did not adhere to the guidelines. The editor will return your article to you with a little note that says “please follow our guidelines – resubmit your article.”

You may want to peruse our Getting Published section for even more ideas! If you know or discover other ways to get published, join our Forum and share the information with your fellow travel writers. We’d love to hear from you!


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