3 Ways Travel Writer Mom Makes and Saves Cash from Travel Writing

Updated: Mar 27th, 2010

A working mom who wanted to save money on daycare, food, and gas, decided to transition into travel writing. She was a staff writer for a local newspaper with some editing responsibilities. Her resume was jammed packed with experience. But, she wanted a change in her career which included working from home. She read an article about a mom who “morphed” into work-at-home mom by becoming a travel writer. She knew this was her ticket out of her 9 to 5 job.

About a year ago, this mom formulated a plan to meet her goal of working from home. This mom knew that having a plan was the first step which would help her reach her goal. Many people have it backwards; they believe the goal is first the step followed by the plan.

Her plan was to move into freelance writing with an emphasis on travel writing. In the meantime, her talent for writing would allow her to write on many subjects and bring in cash. She liked to travel, albeit it was mostly in her backyard. This mom dabbled in photography as well. Combining travel writing and photography was a win-win situation for this mom. She could double, triple her cash each month. Travel writer mom was on her way to getting started in travel writing that pays!

Many women would love to be work-at-home moms. In fact, many work-at-home businesses are advertised on the internet each day. Unfortunately, most of the businesses are scams. They’ll take your money and leave you with very little.

Travel writing is great for moms who would like to work from home. Writing about traveling with children is a great niche for the travel writer mom. Moms know how it is to travel to the grocery store with children and shop for the week! Imagine the experience you bring to a travel article about Traveling with Children to the Grand Canyon.

3 Ways to Make Cash from Travel Writing

  1. Travel Writing. Writing about travel can be exciting. When you travel to the local amusement park, write about it. If you travel to a lake, write about it. Moms have a wealth of information to share with other moms. Do you have a pet? Writing about traveling with children and pets can catapult you to the top!
  2. Photography. Many families take pictures while on vacation. Turn photographs into cash by selling your photos and incorporating them with your travel article. You can triple your income in no time.
  3. Graphic Arts. Are you a graphic artist or do you dabble in this area? Your Photoshop skills will be very useful. Photographs may require re-touching, and you could be the one for the job. Also, you could create a montage of your photographs for an article. It would not be the same old, same old photograph of a tree standing against the backdrop of twilight.

When you combine travel writing, photography, and graphic arts, you have a sure-fire way to work from home, save money, and live a more fulfilled life. You could cook meals for your family instead of driving to fast food restaurants. Just think about the money you’ll save on gas. Watch as your savings account soaks up the extra income like a sponge!

The stress of paying for daycare will disappear. Actually, you could pay someone to come to your home and watch your kids as you type away on the computer. Many people do hire in-house babysitters for a few hours. This is more economical than paying for daycare. On the other hand, most grandmas would watch their grandchildren for free.

Moms across the globe, consider travel writing as a career. Travel, work from home, and lead a stress-free life. Remember, children feed off of your energy. Isn’t it time to clear the air and give your children the life they deserve? A life that is less stressed is the best!


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