Travel Writer in Search of Funds Hits the Jackpot

Updated: Mar 27th, 2010

A travel writer in search of funds scored big over the weekend. She discovered many ways to fund her travels. Talk about hitting the jackpot in travel writing!

Our travel writer did not have to travel to Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, or Atlantic City. Not that traveling to those places would not be fun. But, it’s always better if you get to travel for free. We travel writers know that free travel doesn’t happen all of the time, especially if you’re a beginning travel writer.

Ways to Fund Your Travels

  1. Lead tours. This can be a fun, fulfilling opportunity. Are you passionate about European travel? Do you have a favorite city? Consider being a tour guide. Whether you do this locally or abroad, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime. Think about all of the stories that you can write.
  2. Your backyard is interesting to someone somewhere. Snap a photo of the Grand Canyon and sell it. Dine at the finest restaurants, frequent art galleries and museums, and attend sporting events and concerts in your hometown. By the way, you may not have to pay for these luxuries.
  3. Do you enjoy traveling to foreign countries each year? Are you bringing back tons of souvenirs? Those souvenirs can be the answer to your small business prayers. Find out how to turn souvenirs into an import-export business.
  4. Don’t forget to bring your camera when you travel. A travel article complemented with photos can be resold to many publications. The bonus is that you can resell your awesome photographs to magazines and newspapers, on your own website, or to online photography websites that need travel photographs. It’s a win-win situation!

To learn more about funding your travel writing, please visit the AWAI online and reserve your spot for their tele-seminar on October 28. The call is one hour and costs $19.95.

The tele-seminar is a great way to “test drive” the AWAI. They offer a travel writing course that is supposed to help travel writers “turn their travel hobby” into a lucrative travel writing career. Before you sign up for the course, sign up for the tele-seminar. Listen to what Jennifer Stevens, author of AWAI’s The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program has to say. Other speakers include Barbara Winter, Reece Guth, and other speakers. Sign up today, tomorrow begin your travel writing career!


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