Travel Writer David: How to Economic Proof Your Travel Writing

Updated: Mar 28th, 2010

Hold on! Travel writer David is making his travel writing work for him even in the midst of economic turbulence! The majority of Americans and others around the world may speak about the woes of the American economy, but you do not have to be part of that conversation. Allow it to go in one ear and out the other. Think of it this way: if you are in Queenstown, New Zealand and people are bungy jumping off of a bridge, it does not that mean you must join in the fun. You may have a terrible fear of heights that you are not ready to get over yet; perhaps you will never get over it. It’s your right to sit this one out until you choose to work up the courage to jump off of that bridge. Don’t let others influence your thoughts. They are yours so guard them with your life. Think of them as more precious than gold!

Now, how is travel writer David thriving when negative talk of the U.S.’s economy is all around him? What steps is he taking to ensure he keeps his mind clear of clutter? How does he focus on travel writing? These are good questions, we are only too happy to address them.

How to thrive in a turbulent economy

Just do it! Yes, ever popular slogan from Nike. Travel writers, its simple to thrive in a turbulent economy. As long as you are traveling and writing (KEY), you will be fine. People will not stop traveling because of the economy. In fact, they will probably travel more just to get away from it all. You can only take so much of the media going on and on about the “current economic conditions.” It’s like a “classic rock” radio station that plays Led Zepplin’s Stairway to Heaven over and over and over again. No offense to any of you Zepplin fans, but for the love of God, Stairway to Heaven was not their only song! Play another song once and awhile to break up the monotony.

You may reduce your travels to your “backyard” or within a couple of hundred miles. This gives you a chance to discover areas that you never knew existed. Remember to update your blog and keep submitting your travel articles to editors.

If you are a travel writer who writes in the niche market of budget travel, you will definitely be in demand. Many people are interested in traveling on a low budget. With your expertise there will be no shortage of work for you. People are looking to cut or keep costs to a minimum. Not only tell readers how to travel on a budget, show them how to do it. You could break it down through a series of charts and comparisons. Give them websites to visit so they can compare for themselves. Remember to share your photographs you took with your disposable digital camera. Another great tip for budget minded travelers. They can buy a disposable camera versus the Nikon for $800.

Keeping your mind clear of clutter

Be happy you’re a travel writer. You may be a full-time or part-time travel writer, but you are going after your dream with fervor and this makes you happy! You have a choice to be happy or not be happy. If you are a full-time travel writer who specializes in outdoor travel, just think how lucky you are to be outside and not stuck in an office (unless you work a full-time job and travel writing is part-time) all of the time. Breath in the fresh air, feel the sunshine kissing your skin, and stand in awe of nature!

Remember do not listen to the naysayers who speak negative about travel writing. They will say that the travel industry is down, blah, blah, you must give that up, yada, yada, and so forth — close your ears immediately. In fact, before you speak to these people (if you must), think about that wonderful trip you took last year. This way you will be in state of bliss and it will not matter what they say.

Buy a journal and write down all of the positive things about each day. Perhaps you took the day off and drove to Sedona for the first time. Write down what you felt, describe the setting, and what you did that day. Maybe you finally booked that Caribbean vacation for next year. The key is to journal about something that felt good and gave you quite a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Also, you do not have to buy an expensive journal. Buy a simple notebook or even use your computer. Start journaling today, feel better tomorrow!

Focus on travel writing

Continue to write each day so you do not fall behind in your travel writing. Besides, writing will take your mind off of the economy. Writing is said to be therapeutic. It’s a good thing that you’re a travel writer because you receive a double dose of therapy! Now smile because that was a good line!


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