To Be or Not Be Travel Writer is an Error

Updated: Mar 28th, 2010

Want to be travel writer, NOW!” That’s great that you have passion for travel writing, but sometimes mistakes happen when you write for a long period time. Let’s say you are excited to have come back from Salvador, Brazil and cannot wait to write about it. You write and write into the “wee hours” of the night to finish. The fun begins when you go back and re-read what you wrote. Do you know the book Eat, Shoots and Leaves? If you do not, you may want to purchase it. Have you heard about Lapsing into a Comma? These books are more than “catchy” titles, they are wonderful resources for all writers.

Yes, we travel writers must obey the laws of grammar and punctuation. Even though we travel around the world that does not give us a FREE PASS to use improper grammar and punctuation!

Educational Resources

  1. A convenient way to look up words, use the thesaurus, and reference guides.
  2. Daily Writing Tips. The name says its all! This is a great site for spelling, vocabulary, grammar, misused words, and punctuation.
  3. The Travel Writers Life. Sure you can paid to travel but make sure your travel articles are “spot on” as the Brits would say!
  4. Mediabistro “Jobs, classes, community, and news” at your fingertips. Sign up for one of their travel writing courses today, tomorrow travel and write about it.
  5. Written Road. This blog is from the BootsnAll network and provides travel writers with a wealth of travel information.
  6. AWAI. Sign up for their travel writing course and be all the travel writer that you can be.

Finally, remember a travel writer is a writer first! The travel writer in us is passionate about traveling and writing that we forget about grammar, punctuation, use of words, and all of the other rules of writing. Before you submit your travel articles to travel publications, read and re-read what you wrote. Have others look over your work and provide you with constructive feedback. The bottom line is to write about your travels but write them well!


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