Shutterbug Bite Transforms You into Travel Writer Photographer

Updated: Mar 28th, 2010

A travel writer was in Australia for a three-week holiday. Her itinerary was jammed packed with activities such as bunging jumping, hiking, and zipping down a zip line. Also on the list were visits to Sydney Opera House, Australia Zoo, and much more.

Our travel writer was walking through the Australian Outback when she felt something “pinch” her hand. She looked down and noticed an unusual bug on her hand! “OMG!” she thought to herself. “If only I had my camera with me. I was just bitten by the very rare shutterbug!

Travel writers, photography is a great way to enhance your travel writing and earn extra money at the same time. If you’re getting started in travel writing, you’ll want to learn about photography as well as travel writing. Read camera reviews, take a photography and travel writing course or two, and read our blog to discover tips and tricks on travel writing and photography.

Many publications will ask for photographs to accompany your travel article. Photography is a great way to advance your travel writing career. By the way, photography can be a very lucrative hobby!

All Writer’s Resources

  1. Daily Writing Tips. For all your writing needs.
  2. The Travel Writer’s Life. Check out the articles, attend a workshop, and get started in travel writing.

All About Photography

  1. Shutterbug. For all of your photography needs. You can find information on technique, equipment, and reviews.
  2. Join the forum and discuss photography with other photographers.
  3. PhotographyTips. “The internet’s #1 guide to better photography.”
  4. BetterPhoto. A great resource to find ways to make money with your camera.
  5. AWAI. They can help you “turn your pictures into cash!”

These are just some tips and tricks to help you get started in travel writing and photography. You can double or even triple your money with photography.

Submit photographs with your travel writing, sell your photos to online websites, or start your own website and sell your photos. Travel writing and photography is a win-win situation!


Are you a travel writer who dabbles in photography? How did you get started?

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