A Travel Writer Suffers from Technology Blues

Updated: Mar 28th, 2010

(Editors Note: To avoid confusion it’s important to note the difference between WordPress.org, the site where you can download the free standalone version of the WordPress blogging software, and WordPress.com, which is the online community where you can get a free blog if you can’t (or don’t want to) install and set up your own hosted version.)

Back in March 2008, a travel writer decided to sign up with WordPress.COM and start a travel writing blog. She was very excited to start blogging.

As luck would have it, our travel writer also found a paid blogging opportunity. She would blog for another organization on various travel topics utilizing the WordPress software that the organization had installed and hosted. “Fantastic,” she thought to herself. You see, the travel writer was already using WordPress.com so it was a “breeze” for her to start blogging for this organization, as the software was the same.

One day the travel writer received an update for Adobe Flash and she updated her Flash program. BIG MISTAKE! The travel writer did not know that WordPress.com is not compatible with Adobe Flash 10. Wouldn’t it be nice if WordPress.com listed such warnings on the dashboard? They could put something like this: “to travel writer do not update your Adobe Flash program!”

The travel writer was crushed because she’s also a graphic designer who enjoys putting images with her post. It does add that “something special” to a post! Now the travel writer must contact the organization’s “techie guru” to see if a “browse” button can be added to the media section. Way to go WordPress.com!

Here’s a word of caution to all travel writers: if you sign up with WordPress.com, or blog for an organization that uses WordPress be very careful before you update your programs. Adobe Flash 9 is compatible with WordPress.com, but version 10 is not. You would think that WordPress would be up-to-date with its blogging program. If they have their “finger on the pulse of technology,” they should have known that Adobe Flash 10 would be out and that people would update their program.

Technology Tips

  1. Before updating your programs make sure they’re compatible with whatever blog program you use.
  2. If you’re a blogger for an organization, make sure the updates will be compatible with the blog program.
  3. Research programs before you update. You wouldn’t think that updating programs would be a big deal, but if some programs are behind the times, the updates could pose a conflict.
  4. Build a media gallery in WordPress just in case. This way you’ll have photos ready to go and will be able to use them. You may have to use a photo twice! Yes, it will be a photo faux pas but it’s better than having a post without an image.

Blogging is not that difficult but sometimes the programs that we use are. Research a blog program before you sign up. If you are “technologically or artistically inclined” and want to take advantage of it, make sure your programs will not conflict with the blog program you choose.

Forums are a great place to find information on program conflicts. In fact, before you do any updates, check out WordPress’s blog and forum. Perhaps the issue with Adobe Flash 10 was discussed in their blog and on the forum. Hopefully WordPress.com will take care of this issue. Maybe there’s a plug-in that can fix the Adobe Flash 10 situation. Gotta love technology!


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