Writer Discovers the #1 Secret to Travel Writing Success

Updated: Mar 28th, 2010

Do you want to know the secret to travel writing success without going on an Indiana Jones adventure? Many travel writers around the world would probably enjoy an Indiana Jones adventure, but time is of the essence! So, buckle up, hold on to your seat, and take a deep breath. Here’s the secret: CONFIDENCE! Yep! That’s it!

Being confident in your writing is imperative. Think about this question for a moment: why would editors or clients believe that you can complete writing projects if you are not confident in your work? The answer is they cannot. You must believe it to achieve it!

Some travel writers are confident, while others are not. Confidence is a requirement for success in travel writing. Editors and clients can smell FEAR a mile away and may use against you. Some travel writers give away their travel articles for FREE. They are too afraid of rejection or not being paid what they are worth. Please, avoid writing for free when you can. It’s a good idea when you are building your portfolio. Once you have a solid portfolio, stop writing for free. Remember, charity begins at home!

Here’s an excerpt from Wahm Connections to demonstrate the CONFIDENCE point: “To give you some examples – a wonderful and highly skilled person I know helps small businesses plan for their business. She is an accomplished author and has decades of experience in growing small businesses. Recently she helped one person write a strategic plan for their business – she spent a few hours talking their plan through with them and wrote up the end plan for them. She only charged her client about $250 for the work. Her client was ecstatic about the results.”

“The same day I heard about this person, I had lunch with a much less skilled consultant. He is big on talk and small on technical skill. He facilitates strategic planning workshops for small businesses. The only difference is he stands up in front of a group of 2-3 people to help them create their plan and he does not write it up for them at the end – he leaves that for the client to do. His fee – $9000. His clients are ecstatic about the results.

“I see this a lot with freelance writers and designers. Their fee schedule will often vary depending on their emotional state. If they are feeling strong and confident they will charge one set of fees and if they have had a knock-back then they will charge another set of fees.”

Be proud of your travel writing and sell it for what it’s worth. When clients ask “is that your best offer?” Your response is “yes, it is.” Do not succumb to pressure. Many clients will pay for excellent writing. Remember that old saying “you get what you pay for.” If they are not willing to pay your rate, that’s fine. You probably avoided a situation that would have been more trouble than what it was worth!

In conclusion, remember that CONFIDENCE is the secret to your success! The next time you bid on a project or are approached to write a travel article, travel blog, travel writing course, travel headline/tagline, or whatever the project may be, do not settle. If one door closes, another will open. Release the “old school” thought that you MUST make a sale no matter what. Second best is never enough for the confident travel writer!


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